Efficiency optimization has long been a standard operational goal of corporations around the globe, generating countless resources and theoretical frameworks to guide business efficiency over the years. From six sigma in manufacturing to agile development in software, all paradigms share one commonality: streamlining workflows.

However, when we talk about streamlining workflows, it is easy to focus only on speed of operations. Nonetheless, true efficiency includes the elimination of time and profit leakage, preventing information and service bottlenecks, and utilizing integrated platforms to eliminate data loss and automate operations. Leverage these tech solutions for true efficiency optimization in your business.

Asset Management Software

Whether tracking employee hours or monitoring equipment, asset management software can help minimize loss and leakage through various platforms including mobile applications for small enterprises, local software, and SaaS for high scalability. The best solutions will offer human resources and benefits tracking, and should be able to send a feed directly to your payroll processing system. Some can provide barcode technology to instantly link equipment to individuals or departments for easy inventory and asset management.

Workflow Management Software

As varied as global businesses are, there is a workflow management solution for every business. From grand scale operational flows for multinational corporations to single-entrepreneur paperless initiatives, the same basic principles apply: eliminate manual operations that can slow down common processes. For the best results no matter what your company size, look for options that can work on Smartphone and mobile devices, scale quickly and efficiently, greatly reduce or eliminate paper handling, and set calendar reminders for scheduled needs and goals.

Integrated Platforms

If there is one, single most critical key to optimizing workplace efficiency it is only select software solutions that integrate with your underlying core systems. No proprietary management solution is valuable, no matter how many bells and whistles, if it requires your employees to log into multiple platforms or manually input data in more than one location. Integrated products exist for nearly every industry. Companies like Add-on offer meeting arrangement technology straight from Microsoft Outlook, to Google script plug-ins to launch billing directly from Gmail. No matter what your core system, the best efficiency results from employees being able to complete all of their required tasks without toggling between various platforms.

Technology has come a long way towards increasing workplace productivity and decreasing loss. By streamlining workflows and increasing integration, your business can optimize its efficiency this year.