Ombre hairstyles are enjoying their moment in the spotlight right now. Among the trendiest hairstyles, ombre hair is sported by many celebrities. This hairstyle is subtle but beautiful; from a deep dark shade, the color slowly mellows to a lighter hue. It is usually best to keep the upper part of your hair natural, that way the style won’t need much upkeep. However, if you are in the mood to experiment, try out colors that contrast each other for a bigger effect. But, what does ombre mean anyway?

Ombre is French word that literally means “shade”. Main characteristic of this hairstyle is the gradual change from one color to another. The colors can be anything you want, but for a powerful impact, it’s best to have contrasting colors. Ombre hairstyles are great for those who are dyeing their hair for the first time.

As there is very little upkeep, you get a feel of hair dyes without taking much of a risk. However, with ombre, you can also go all out with your hairstyle and make it quite daring by using vibrant or unnatural colors. There are so many options, so let’s find out which ombre hairstyle is the one for you!

Brunette to Blonde:

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This is one of the most common ombre styles, especially among brunettes. If you want to keep it subtle, you can choose your natural hair color and go a few shades lighter on the ends. For a striking look, you can opt for your natural hair color and a platinum blonde. As there are many different shades of brown and blonde, ask your colorist to advise you on the best options that will suit your skin tone the most.

Brunette to Red:

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For a strong look, go for a brunette to red ombre hairstyle. If you don’t want full-on fire engine red, opt for a subtler shade like dark copper, burgundy, auburn, or dark cherry. To suit professional occasions, opt for a light copper blonde. This color is almost the color of honey. While not being over-the-top, it gives depth and dimension to your hair. There will be a moderate level of upkeep as red hair color needs to be bright or it can look faded.

Brunette to fantasy color:

Fantasy colors are offbeat ones like pink, purple, violet, or green. If you are the adventurous type, fantasy colors are a great way to showcase your personality. For those looking to incorporate an unnatural color into brown hair color, the vivid color will contrast well with brown, giving an effortlessly cool look.

If you want it subtle, choose a muted color like dark orange or deep purple. The idea is that the fantasy color should almost blend in with the brown color. If you want it bold, then the sky is the limit! There will be a moderate level of upkeep as fantasy colors can fade quite quickly.

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Blonde to Brunette:

It’s not the most common, but this look is striking. If you want to keep it subtle, choose a brown color that is very close to your natural shade of blonde. Of course, you can color your entire hair in different shades, but if you want less upkeep, it’s best to keep the top half of your hair in its natural color. If you want it noticeable, choose a brown color that is a few shades darker than your natural blonde color. If you want it full-on, pick the darkest brown and pair it with platinum blonde.

Blonde to Red:

A blonde to red ombre hairstyle looks enchanting yet natural. For a subtle look, go for a dark blonde and light copper-red hair color. For a marked difference, opt for a honey blonde and burgundy ombre. For an all-out combo, bright bleach blonde with fierce red will be a powerful combination. If you need to worry about professional situations, stick with colors that are close to each other. Consult a professional stylist to understand how you can pair these two colors without making your hairstyle look too loud.

Blonde to Fantasy Color:

Blonde hair is a great canvas for any fantasy color. To keep it muted, choose a light fantasy color like pastel pink or purple. Refrain from colors that can be jarring, like green. If you want it noticeable, go for a color like hot pink. If you want darker colors like blue, then keep it mild.

For the ultimate contrast, go for a baby blonde and deep purple combo or light blonde and deep blue combo. The deep and vivid colors contrast well with baby blonde, while keeping it classy. You will need to go for regular touchups to maintain the sheen and body of the fantasy color.

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Red to Fantasy Color:

Red provides a great backdrop for any fantasy color. If you have deep red hair, go for dark pink or dark purple for a mild ombre. For an ombre hairstyle of medium intensity, opt for a lighter red hair color and pink or light blue. If you want it bold, go for a deep red and light pink, or green combo. Or, if you have a lighter shade of red hair color, opt for a deep purple or blue.

There are many shades of red, with everything from cherry red to ginger, so it’s best to consult a credible stylist before choosing your colors. As both red and fantasy hair colors need to be vivid to look lively, you will have to go for regular touchups to maintain the body and shine of the colors.

Black Ombre Hairstyle:

Black hair offers THE perfect contrast to any color. Whether it is a dark burgundy, chocolate-brown, cherry red, honey blonde or a funky fantasy color, black goes well with all of it. Depending on your preference and occupation, choose a color that complements your skin tone. The color you choose will heavily influence your hairstyle’s maintenance.

Reverse Ombre Hairstyle:

After the ombre hairstyle trend exploded a few years back, the reverse ombre came into existence. The name of this hairstyle is self-explanatory. If you talk about a brunette-blonde ombre, the reverse hairstyle is the blonde-brunette combo. It is basically the same; just the order of the colors descending from the roots is interchanged. However, the effect of the reverse ombre is often mesmerizing.

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Grey or Silver Ombre Hairstyle:

You can also achieve a grey or silver ombre. Dark colors are good combinations to pair grey or silver with because dark colors contrast them elegantly. However, if you have something in mind, it’s better to have a chat with your stylist before deciding a color combination. There will be some maintenance as grey and silver colors need to have sheen for the hairstyle to look good.

There are a few key points to remember before you get your hair done in ombre. If you are not naturally baby blonde or platinum blonde, you will definitely have to get your hair bleached to some extent. While you can color your hair at home, never try to bleach your hair. If you’re looking for the perfect ombre, it is always best to leave it to the professionals.

Before you make a decision on the colors you want, always ask an experienced stylist for advice. Any credible stylist from a reputable

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can guide you in your choice. Chances are, your stylist can stop you from making a blunder you will be stuck with for the next few months!

Ombre hairstyles will never go out of fashion as they offer a very elegant and unique way to express your personality. They can embody any color, any feeling, and any look. In all its variants and forms, the humble ombre hairstyle can bring out your best features.