The concepts of marketing are changing time to time. In the modern age the latest avatar of marketing is digital marketing. This is marketing which is based on online tools related to marketing. These tools do various tasks like analyzing keywords or helping in a survey. It helps the users with advanced usability and scope. Some of this tools come with a price others are free. Out of those tools there is a category of tools which help you to plan your product or marketing strategy. They help you to set up a campaign so effectively that it ensures sales of your product. If you want to establish an online presence of your business do check out these tools listed below.


This tool will help you in analyzing the traffic your website receives over time. It will give you insights about the source of your traffic. You can see what country or region the traffic is coming from. The devices used to visit your website. It also shows at what time of the day most visits on your website takes place. You can also see how many users are visiting your site at a current time. You can also see how users land on your site. Statistics about organic traffic or direct traffic or any other types of traffic can be known from it. You can also know many more useful statistics about your business website.


Google AdWords Is a collective term used for various tools related to each other. Here you can use the Google AdWords keywords tool to analyze for keywords to start your business campaign. You can see average monthly searches and competition of a given word. It will help you to choose words with high searches and low competition. You can also use the keyword planer tools to plan your keywords. There are many other such kinds of tools which if used properly can take you far ahead of your competition.

Webmaster Tool:

The webmaster tool is a tool which helps to know the condition of your website. The webmaster tool gives you all the info about your site’s health and its availability on the search engines. Here

you can provide a sitemap and your website will be crawled properly by that search engine. This will ensure all the data in your site appears in the search engines. You can also see if your site is properly indexed or not. It can also show you information about anchor texts and what keywords were search by the users which brought them to your site.

Online Survey Tools:

Another important marketing tool is the online market survey tool. This tools use the concept of online focus groups .This tools helps you to conduct online surveys and generate insightful statistics and help the marketing team to develop an effective strategy accordingly. This online Software Technology can be really useful for your business.


It can be said that we should be updated with the latest technologies available in the market. It will help you to make a better product which will be able to satisfy the market demand. Hence your product will be a high selling product and more revenue will be generated.

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Description: There are many software technologies which are used to make effective marketing campaigns. They help to make the campaign successful.