Warehouse work includes the daily use of heavy equipment like trucks and forklifts. Safety training is necessary to avoid bodily injuries, property damages and the lawsuits that follow. However, many warehouse accidents are still linked to the improper usage of heavy machinery. Review four tips to improve the safety of your warehouse.

1. Hire Training Coaches

In many cases, one-on-one safety training is more effective than group training. Too often, new employees do not receive proper training, so they ask questions to random people. A forklift employee could ask a question to an inventory specialist and receive the wrong answer. As a result, hire a safety training coach to assist each new hire.

2. Form Teams

Accidents occur less often to people who work in teams. One person cannot receive all of the responsibility when working with heavy equipment. Hire multiple people to operate equipment that is dangerous to use. For a driver, have a spotter assist with the loading and unloading. Train your team in the use of radio communication systems and hand signaling.

3. Require Heavy Vehicle Training

By law, all heavy truck drivers must receive proper training. The minimum gross vehicle weight rating for a heavy truck is an average of 26,000 pounds. A special license is needed to drive a vehicle of this size and caliber.

At the completion of each training program, the graduate receives a license to show mastery of the skill. It is important to require the right amount of training from your drivers. Find an accredited provider like Advanced Heavy Vehicle Training Centre to ensure that they are following local and state laws.

4. Identify Blind Spots

Knowing your blind spots is not just a lesson for drivers on the road. Accidents occur often in warehouses when drivers do not look properly as they reverse or make turns. They could easily flatten inventory, crash into other equipment or seriously injure people.

Paying attention is also important for workers on the floor. They should avoid walking into danger zones where heavy equipment is being operated. Consider drawing solid lines on the floors to designate certain areas.

In the warehouse, have your workers’ pay more attention to details like blind spots. Hire trainers to improve the individual skills of each worker. Use these skills to prevent equipment-related accidents from occurring altogether. As a result, keep your employees safe and continue the operations of your warehouse business.


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