If you happen to be one of those die-hard fans of the morning cuppa and feel that the day does not begin well without it, you are in for some very good news indeed! Your morning cup of Joe definitely kicks you out of your stupor and morning blues, but it does much more! In fact, it provides anti-oxidants in a dosage that puts even the best of fruits and vegetables to shame! And this has been the findings of an American study which measured the anti-oxidant content of more than 100 different kinds of foods. These included oils, spices, seeds, vegetables, fruits and spices. Combining these results with those of the U.S. Ministry of Agriculture, the derivation was that coffee is indeed the largest source of anti-oxidants per meal, per level of consumption.

And that is good if we are to go by what Professor Joe Vinson from the department of Chemistry, University of Scranton, says. According to him, nothing else even approaches the quality and quantity of anti-oxidants that the cuppa offers! So what is this big fuss about anti-oxidants? Anti-oxidants are very helpful for the body as they remove free radicals out of the human system. That is a ‘radical’ benefit without which the cells in general and the DNA in particular are abusively damaged. That is not all. Coffee has proved to be beneficial in the risk-reduction of colon cancer, liver cancer, Parkinson’s disease and type two diabetes.Organic-Coffee

And when taken in organically, you are assured that your morning beverage is free of toxins, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and additives. Otherwise, the fat cells in your body are known to store these chemicals and release them slowly into the system, over the years. So, going organic is a big step towards good physical health.

What is assuaging to the heart and soul is the fact that the Earth is also comfortable with organic coffee. After taking a weight off the heart, here is something to take the weight off your body too! Adding a cup or two of coffee a day – taken without liberal cream and sugar of course – will help cut down calories and your weight. The science is very simple. Caffeine rejuvenates you without adding to energy reserves and fat. Thus, in the activity drive, you simply burn away calories and fat. This may be only a short-term benefit but is any day better than downing a can of sugar-rich soda.

And while we are at singing the glories of organic coffee, let us not forget that it is no substitute for fruits and vegetables. The body needs much more than mere anti-oxidants! Professor Vinson warned that a large majority of people do not consume sufficient quantities of fruits and vegetables which are storehouses of vitamins, minerals and fibers. The moral of the story is this – don’t get swayed by the anti-coffee campaigns out there. At the same time, remember that the morning cuppa should remain just that and nothing more!