An ottoman is perhaps the most undervalued piece of furniture. A lot of people think that this furniture is only ideal for resting both your feet on. Nowadays, Ottomans can do more than just resting your feet, as furniture manufacturers and interior designers come up with creative ways to make ottomans multi-functional.

For instance, ottomans can now double as a convenient storage and of course, still function as a good seat. What is more, you can also use your ottomans as coffee tables. Indeed, ottomans are a versatile piece of furniture. If you want to know more about the multi-functional purpose of ottomans, read this article.

Ottomans as Visual Wonders

The various shapes, colors, and patterns of ottomans that you can find nowadays are what make these pieces of furniture into an aesthetically appealing piece. Take for instance a set of ottomans that you can form into a circular shape when put together. Also, the patterns and colors of your ottoman can optimize the interior design of your home.

Ottomans Can Save Floor Space

If you are planning to save some space in a room, ottomans are the ideal solution. You can conveniently hide your ottomans under a table and pull them out when you need them. Ottomans have features such as wheels and rollers that make them the ideal furniture for your comfort at home

Ottomans Can Be a Plaything for Your Kids

Some ottomans have child-friendly fabrics such as tweed and denim that your children can use as a flat surface to put their toys while they are sitting on the floor. These ottomans can also double as a useful surface to play board games without ruining the arrangement of other furniture pieces in the area.

Ottomans Can Pull Together the Color Scheme of a Room

Since you can choose a variety of colors for your ottoman, you can use this piece of furniture to reinforce the color scheme of a room. Take a particular shade or color from a living room artwork, walls, or fabric and match it with your ottoman for nice interior design. It is also excellent to pair your ottoman with another decor and match it with other furniture pieces.

Ottomans as Ideal Storage

A storage space for small items is essential to have in every room in your home. Thanks to double-purpose ottomans, you can now both have a seat and space for storage.

Ottomans nowadays come with a hinged top where you can store items such as kids’ toys, remote controls, and CDs. Ottomans such as these are perfect to display in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and patio.

Ottomans as Coffee Table

Typically, coffee tables sit lower than your couch or sofa. This piece of furniture has the function as a surface where you can put and display items in your living room.

Since some ottomans now have the same size as coffee tables, you can now use ottomans as coffee tables as well. Large ottomans are ideal for displaying your items such as magazines, and they are also perfect to put your cup when you are having a drink of your coffee in the morning.

Shared Space Seating

If your home is an apartment-type or if it has an open floor space, ottomans are the perfect furniture to have because it can function as a shared space seating. Ottomans can provide you options to add seats to the shared space.

Since you can push your ottomans against a wall, you can arrange this furniture piece into something that resembles a couch. As such, you can now offer your guests a seat or even space where they can relax by lying down.


There are many uses of an ottoman for your home. It is not only a furniture piece to rest your feet on. Ottomans can now also function as a storage, coffee table, and a plaything for your kids. You can also use it to save space in a room and as a reinforcement to the color scheme of your home. If you want to have ottomans in your home, you can check Black Mango for it.