Every significant company in the digital age relies on tech, and that means this technology will need to be upgraded every now and again. It’s important for any business owner or relevant manager to know some of the key signs that your tech is outdated and needs to be updated pronto.

Delaying can cause a myriad of preventable problems that will suck up the time you could be spending otherwise. If you’re seeing any of the signs mentioned below, it’s definitely time to upgrade your business tech.

1. It’s Hopelessly Outdated

If you’re still using tech from a decade ago, such as Windows XP, it’s time to change. Windows XP is a great example of this because it is still rather frequently used by businesses in spite of being well over a decade old and no longer supported by Microsoft.

Having outdated tech comes with a lot of potential problems, including compatibility with software and tech your customers or other companies you do business with use, as well as massive security risks, such as the recent cyberattack that primarily affected XP machines. Older tech also tends to not be as user-friendly and can lead to frustration among your workers.

2. It No Longer Works Right

Eventually, you’re probably going to notice that your older tech isn’t working right—whether computers take forever to start up or crash all the time, or old programs act more and more glitchy. For example, if you’re still using a program that was designed in the 1990s, it’s very likely that as your computers keep getting new operating system updates, the old software is less and less likely to work right.

Tech that is no longer reliable can severely hamper your productivity and lead to very unhappy, disgruntled employees who eventually might find it better to leave for another company where things don’t break down all the time. Delays due to faltering technology can also alienate your customers, so if you notice this beginning to happen start looking at upgrading immediately.

3. Your Customers are Complaining

If your current tech results in lengthy response times, poor compatibility of files and lacks features customers now demand or have come to expect, such as self-service options, your customers are probably going to start complaining.

If your company has slowly begun to hear more and more complaints from customers about technical issues you’ve been having, you need to start figuring out a solution right away. This can be more than just an annoyance—outdated tech can be devastating to retaining customers.

For example, if outdated online storefront security results in a data breach, your customers are going to be furious. Worst case scenario, this kind of thing can even put you out of business.

4. Your Company is Growing or Changing Direction

If your company is growing and expanding in different directions, or changing direction altogether, it’s very likely your current tech will not be up to handling it. It also might be true that new software or technology has come out that will suit your business better than what you are currently using.

New industry-specific programs, like ERP software for the construction industry, for example, keep coming out all the time to better serve the needs of different industries. Do your research and see what new programs might be out there that could increase output or simplify business functions.

Companies operating with outdated technology are very likely to be seen as outdated by their customers and other businesses, which can severely hamper your business growth. If any of the above-mentioned signs are present about your business tech, then you should start looking into replacement tech right away.

It might even be best to hire an in-house IT specialist who can not only recommend when to upgrade and what to upgrade to, but to also maintain your tech. With tech being so important to the modern business world, you need to be able to rely on yours.