During the winter, we’re all motivated and pumped to work out at the gym and prepare for the summer. However, as the year progresses and the weather becomes hotter, we slowly become unmotivated to work out inside. Commonly, by the time summer arrives, people forget about working out and simply enjoy the outside with their friends, drinking and sunbathing. If you really think about it, summer is perfect for working out. Fresh air, hot sun and the nature make a good companion outdoor activities.

Where to Work Out?

You can work out practically anywhere you like.  Even the most urban areas have land with open space filled with soft grass and fresh air. Various parks, simple paths through the forest and even your backyard can make a great gym if you are motivated enough. Also, you are not limited by the particular hour when you can work out and there is no one hogging up the equipment you want to use. Possibilities are limitless and everything is free. Whether you like working out alone or with your pet or friends, fresh air and open space offer you peace and quiet you need to relax and start your day successfully.

Cardio Workout

Stuffy indoor gyms are not exactly the perfect fit for cardio workout. The lack of fresh air and enough space will certainly bother you and make you feel closed up. That is why you should go outside and do your cardio. These exercises can include a simple jog through the woods or a local park. Also, if you take your dog, you will both get some exercise and feel better. Don’t forget to bring small pet accessories with you to make the jogging more fun.


However, if jogging is not your thing there are various other ways to get your daily cardio. Hit the trails early in the morning and go for a relaxing but efficient hike with your friends. If you prefer team sports, you can always organize a friendly basketball, football or volleyball competition at the beach.

For water sport lovers, kayaking, paddling and even swimming will do the trick and you will get fitter by day. For those who are concerned about the environment, you and your friends can always hop on your electric bikes and easily cover miles of roads for a good morning cardio or a trip to work.

Strengthening Your Body

For a full-body exercise you are limited only by your imagination. However, strength exercises can easily be done in nature. For the lower body strength, you can simply do lunges and squats, but if you want to make it more challenging, get a hold of a large rock or log to help you. For your upper body strength, you can always rely on a sturdy branch and series of pull-ups and for your core, a minute of planking on soft grass is one of the best exercises. Additionally, you can bring your indoor equipment and use it in the nature. Several minutes of jumping rope is a good warm up, and resistance bands, kettle and dumbbells are great for your chest and arms. For some easier cardio, you can make your own small stepper from planks and rocks, or use a smaller bench. Basically, all you need is clean clothes, comfy footwear, plenty of water and your imagination.



Doing the exercises outside has the same benefits as regular indoor exercising. It’s good both for your physical and mental health, since it reduces stress and you are working on your fitness. However, besides these, outdoor exercise gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature and activities that don’t even feel like exercising. More importantly, it provides you with fresh air and vitamin D. Our bodies naturally generate it when exposed to the sun and no supplements can replace an hour spent outside working out under the sun.

The best thing about working out outside is that there are no time and money limits. All you need is motivation, comfy equipment and some company and your daily workout won’t feel like work anymore.