Thanks to the master of all search engines, Google, SEO is constantly changing and evolving. As all entrepreneurs know, marketing a website can be a gruesome and time-consuming task, and optimizing it is even harder. You must always be up-to-date with the newest guidelines, policies, and algorithms introduced by Google in order to have better visibility and boost your web traffic. Here we have some examples of old SEO tactics that will not only keep your traffic stagnant but also cause it to drop. So, if you’re following any of these strategies, stop immediately and devise a new plan.

More links give higher rankings

Links and citations are essential for better ranking, but they require to be relevant in order to receive better ranking benefits. Many websites today overload their pages with backlinks and citations even though they don’t have any effect. If you pay closer attention, you will notice that new sites with only a few links are outranking older authenticated sites. That’s because their linking strategy has more quality and is more relevant. So, if you want to rank better, rely on quality rather than quantity because Google’s latest algorithm outweighs it.

Keyword abundance

It is a huge misconception that filling content with keywords will land good rankings in the SERPs. Little do people know, stuffing your posts with lots of keywords is now considered black hat SEO. That means that your business will be penalized by Google if any website crawlers detect unfair practice. Try writing content that is more user-friendly than keyword rich. If you put your users first and you write what’s best for them, Google will naturally figure out what terms you should rank for and place you there.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging can be used for link building and SEO, but you have to be careful from now on. When done legitimately, it is a pillar for SEO, especially among bloggers. However, a few years ago it experienced a calamity as it was recognized as a black hat technique by spammers. Google has targeted real guest blogging with bad link building techniques, so the search engine will constrain low-quality or irrelevant guest post content, guest post links that have nothing to do with the site and optimized anchor texts.

SEO is just links, codes and content

There are many webmasters who still think, that there’s nothing more to SEO than these three things. That is, however a thing of the past. Today, things have become a little more complicated. All sites need to put great effort into social media marketing and video marketing for generating audience’s attention. SEO Brisbane experts encourage all webmasters to jump on the social bandwagon and start communicating to their audience in real-time to acquire feedback for improving business processes. So, don’t just focus on links and other technicalities – put a little effort and work on these new ranking factors.

Tracking rankings

Rankings have become obsolete. Of course, you want better rankings – it’s just that search has changed into a slow and extensive game. Research shows that most traffic to sites is now coming from long tail phrases. So, try to focus on long tail phrases instead of trying to manipulate your rankings for head terms.

More pages for more traffic

Google released an update called Panda, which targeted sites with low-quality content. Such sites got penalized, and their search traffic dropped. By adding too much content, you actually risk experiencing a drop in your rankings. This part is always hard to explain to webmasters. Wikipedia is a great example of a content-rich site, but the number of pages really has nothing to do with the amount of traffic you receive. Don’t just create sites with a lot of pages; if the pages aren’t high in quality, you won’t rank well – simple as that.


These are some of the very obsolete SEO tactics that you immediately have to stop wasting time on. Try focusing your energy on strategies that can boost your traffic and deliver high-quality and user-friendly content. Search engine optimization is an essential part of growing a website and attracting traffic. However, SEO is neither a trick nor a single technique – it is a constantly changing puzzle that you have to learn about time and time again.