Blogging is an internet-based activity that can be taken upon as a hobby, project, professional agenda or any of the millions of reasons that bloggers can list out for you if asked. Similarly as the many reasons for blogging, there are many types of blogs. For instance, we have personality blogs, cultural blogs, travel blogs, tutorial blogs, discussion blogs, or virtually any other topic you can find in the book. Blogs are an interesting thing if studied closely. Some people just go for blogging as a kill-time activity. Some go for it to advertise their talents and themselves. And some are merely bound by circumstances – like, a job – to make and update a blog as required.

Travel blogs

Amongst all these different kinds of blogs is the travel blog that mentioned earlier. Now a travel blog can be kept by a person who travels a lot and wants to share his experience with fellow travel-loving fellows out there. Or it can be a professional project by some travel agency, tourist resort management, etc. to promote what they do and how they do it to attract more audience. Pictures and tourists’ personal experiences are the most valuable aspect of a travel blog.

Blogs help with Travel Convincing

The most valuable asset of a travel blog is the pictures of the travel places. These pictures – if rightly selected and uploaded – might just be the thing to get the balls rolling in their court. To hit the decision milestone after that, the perfect piece would be to end a review of the place with a tourist’s personal experience. That done, the rest would be just formalities to buy the ticket and fly off to the site for the very next holiday.

Travel Blogging in 2013

Surveys conducted in 2013 show that there is a large number of travel bloggers whose sole income is their blogging. Mostly people have travel blogs just a year or two old. In 2013 it is found that a large number of bloggers get their money from widgets and advertisements etc. There are 10-15 posts per month by most bloggers as was revealed in the survey. This survey was conducted in 2013 by FHR to analyze what was recently happening in the wide world of travel blogging.

Expanding the Travel Blogging Industry

A good way to increase the popularity of travel blogging would be – and this might sound really simple because it is – increase travel blogs and discuss them with people in every way: socializing face-to-face, social networking, emails, brochures, etc. Good travel blogs are largely sought by industries and people related to tourism, travel, transport, or any other similar field. If focusing on the very best in these fields, it can be found that in 2013 alone, umpteen numbers of blogs were approached by these best-in-their-field people and even potential clients to get a taste of what they were about. And if they like the taste they just might place an order for their pizza to take along on the road.