Invisible mobile monitoring apps for tracking your teen’s iPhone activities

The iPhone is the most preferred gadget of the teens. But teenage being characterized by an adrenaline rush and rebellious behavior, there is every possibility that your teen might place himself in a very difficult position. Texting while driving, attending phones while driving, making calls during classes, inappropriate access to…

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Can Cloud Computing Scuttle Software Piracy?

Cloud computing has been around for a while and as time goes by, people are finding it useful for numerous different services. Not a month goes by without getting to know that another cloud based company got huge amounts of cash from Angel Investors (people and companies willing to invest…

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Twitter has introduced new profile pages layout

Today, Twitter has introduced new layout for profile pages. Now users can upload photos as “header photo“. Also they launched new version of mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. The uploaded photo is also appear across on the mobile apps too. The header photo is similar to Facebook‘s…

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5 Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games

I would like to start this article with a personal view- Smartphones and Tablets are great gadgets! Why do I say this? – Because I used to have those old Nokia and Sony phones where you would be happy if the color of the phone is matching your clothes. With…

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