Digital wallets: The future of making payments

The digital wallet – i.e. using your Smartphone to pay for things – is a new concept that will provide consumers with a simple and more secure way to make payments. Contactless payment methods – such as near-field communication (NFC) – are rapidly gaining popularity. These methods allow people to…

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The main differences between new iPad and iPad2

After successful release of iPad 2 Apple has announced about the release of new iPad (iPad3) last week. There were lot of rumors and speculation about the new iPad and some rumors came true. The new iPad comes with spectacular features like “Retina display“, “5MP camera” and “4G LTE”. While…

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How Television Trends Upgrade Our Lifestyles

Television, when first introduced in the 1940‘s in a mainstream fashion; people transitioned from listening to radio programming and had television to bring news, events, entertainment and programs right in to their homes. The initial television sets were large, clunky and subject to static. However, the upgrade in lifestyle brought…

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Instagram coming to Android “very soon”

Android users, your time has almost come. The extremely popular photo-sharing iPhone app Instagram has revealed that an Android version is in beta testing and should be coming soon. The app has 27 million registered users now and it was the “iPhone App Of The Year 2011“. If you’re unfamiliar…

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Best Linux Distributions for servers

Linux is a Unix like operating system which is assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution. Linux was originally developed as a free operating system for personal computers. It is a leading operating system on servers and other big systems such as supercomputers and…

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Multivariate Testing – Getting More Conversions

For years, online business owners have understood the importance of A/B tests or split tests. This allows a business to use two different versions of a Web page. Conversion and response is then tested to see which of the two is better for sales. Multivariate testing is similar, but on…

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