5 Best new iPhone, iPad and Android games

I would like to start this article with a personal view- Smartphones and Tablets are great gadgets! Why do I say this? – Because I used to have those old Nokia and Sony phones where you would be happy if the color of the phone is matching your clothes. With…

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How to: Setting up a WordPress Blog (Interactive Guide)

When it comes to blogging, WordPress is arguably the king on the market. With over 55 million sites, the WordPress network is incredibly diverse. So when it comes to setting up either a personal or small business blog, the choice is pretty easy. But let’s be honest, for those who…

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Has The Galaxy S3 Met its Match with the Optimus G?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has undoubtedly been the biggest smartphone success in 2012 so far. In the space of a few months it has sold over ten million units and become the fastest selling Android phone of all time, as well as the most pre-ordered gadget in history. In all…

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BlackBerry is here to stay

Globally, BlackBerry’s market share in the smartphone category has not been doing well. But India is one of the few markets, where it has been going strong, thanks to various factors, including its new ad campaign and launches. Case in point, their new proclamation, i.e. ‘Action starts here’. Gone are…

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The Kickass Torrent Downloaders You Will Ever Need

You basically need torrent downloaders in order to access and eventually download torrent files. If you’re familiar with peer to peer file sharing tools such as the original Napster then you at least have some sort of idea what a torrent is and how files are shared and accessed. You…

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