Metroon -Transforms iOS into Windows 8’s Metro UI

Microsoft has introduced Metro GUI in Windows 8. It is a new design that relying more on typography and less on graphics. If your are an iOS/iPhone user you can get this user interface. Here is an app, DreamBoard, can completely revamp your device with a whole new look. Couple…

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OS X Pad HD – Transform your iPad into MacPad

We all know that Apple iPad is an awesome tablet in the tablet industry and Mac OS X is a most advanced PC operating system in the world. What happens when iPad meet Mac OS X? Yes the iPad become more awesome than ever. But that happened yet. If you…

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Pulse Reader launches browser-based app

One of popular iOS and Android newsreader app Pulse, has launched a browser-based version of the service, making it accessible on desktops and mobile platforms. You can now read your favorite websites news through your favorite browser. This online app also fits with your mobile devices. According to Pulse team…

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Making life easier for Usenet Users – The beauty of a great Newsreader

In 1979, two Duke University students began development on Usenet. Usenet was successfully launched in 1980 and has established itself as one of the most popular Internet discussion outlets in the world. Subscribers are allowed to post as well as read messages on newsgroups. Usenet can be thought of as…

Read More rolled out a new Compliment feature, an internet service that lets you create a single page personal website all about you and your interests, has rolled out a new Compliments feature, that sits alongside the “Email“, ‘Share” and “Favorite“, options. The new Compliments feature lets you tell someone that you love their page, the way…

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