Facebook Security Fault Found on iPhone, Android Devices

Lately a security fault has been discovered in Facebook‘s mobile apps that can be easily exploited by hackers to retrieve your personal information about anyone. Facebook’s apps that are made for iOS and android devices don’t encrypt your login information that makes it highly insecure for the users. According to…

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10 Things You Should Know About Internet TV

Internet TV (or IPTV – Internet protocol television) is basically what it sounds like – TV through the Internet. It is playable through a computer monitor, LED TV screen, or even on a mobile device such as a smartphone, iPod, or tablet computer. There are many similarities between Internet TV…

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Google Picks Up Entire Milk Team. Kevin Rose Will Join Google

The popular rating iPhone app Oink, that allowed users to rate and suggest individual items within a store, developers Milk Inc announced that they are shutting down the Oink website on March 31st and the entire company is becoming part of Google. Milk was founded by Kevin Rose, who founded…

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Digital wallets: The future of making payments

The digital wallet – i.e. using your Smartphone to pay for things – is a new concept that will provide consumers with a simple and more secure way to make payments. Contactless payment methods – such as near-field communication (NFC) – are rapidly gaining popularity. These methods allow people to…

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