Handling a Hazzard: 4 Tips for Dealing with an Injury in the Workplace

Workplace injuries can have many causes as there are different ways to be injured in different industries. The severity spectrum for getting injured at work is wide as well. A paper cut from refilling the copy machine is an injury, but it is obviously quite different in severity from a…

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8 Payroll Tips for Small Business Owners

Payroll software are especially designed to handle and organize employee salaries, loans, allowances, and taxes.. These include keeping track of their work hours; calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions; printing and delivering cheques, and most of all, paying taxes to the government. No matter what the size of your enterprise…

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Business Breakdown: 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Manufacturing

Blue collar jobs are often incorrectly classified as second-rate. Some even say that the industrial era is all but extinct in the United States due to the Digital Age taking root. In reality, though, the manufacturing field serves as the backbone of the technology era and continues to bolster the…

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Business Blunders: 5 Common Pitfalls Entrepreneurs Fall Into

Opening a business can be both scary and exciting. While it’s the best chance most people have for achieving success, it comes with considerable risk. Regardless of how prepared you are, things will still go wrong and you’ll face your share of adversity. Fortunately, you can also learn from the…

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The Logistics Business: What to Do if Your Big Rig Has Been in an Accident with Another Truck

Whenever a truck accident happens, the result can be catastrophic. The sheer size of big rigs and other commercial trucks should tell you that a collision between these trucks can no doubt cause serious casualties and in some case, they result in fatalities. What to Do When Your Big Rig…

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The Industrial Warehouse: 5 Ways to Make Sure You Are Running an Efficient Workplace

You can assume that your industrial warehouse is running efficiently when products keep rolling out on time and customers are happy. On the other hand, full efficiency can only be achieved when the warehouse is capable of maximizing productivity while saving time and money. Practices such as barcodes and RFID…

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