While many businesses are fully embracing the technology available in our day in age, there are still some companies that like to stick to the old ways. Many business owners think, “if something works, why change it?” While this logic has truth to it, it is also true that businesses can become much more efficient and actually save a lot of money by embracing the technology of our day. One way to use technology to your advantage in the business world is to go completely digital—this method saves time, money, manpower, and even eliminates frustration and confusion.

Going paperless is a great option because it saves a lot of money in overhead. Going paperless is also a great benefit to the environment because it reduces waste. This means any company that employs this method will making more money and helping the environment at the same time. If you are thinking about going paperless, read ahead for a few ways that you can turn your company completely digital.

Paperless Statements

One of the best ways for a company to control the amount of paper that they use is to ask for digital statements. Many different banks, utility companies, and suppliers offer this service. This saves both companies money on printing and paper so most providers are happy to provide this option. If you are sick of trying to keep track of endless stacks of bills every month, switching to digital statements will make your life so much easier. You can review everything on your computer or phone, and keep everything straight. Plus, you won’t have to worry about storing or discarding the statements when you’re done looking at them.


A lot of companies still use fax machines for office to office communications and as a mean of sending important documents. One great way to wipe out this process is to switch all paper communication to online pdf formats that can be viewed through a document viewer like Adobe Acrobat or Google Drive. The professionals of documentscanningguys.com suggest you switch all of your important business documents like contracts and other agreements over to digital by having them scanned into your system. You no longer have to worry about losing important papers or not having enough copies for everyone. Once you make all of your documents digital, you can keep them safe, and distribute them to whomever you would like.

Social Media, Email, and File Sharing

If you use a lot of paper to print out memos, invitations, or other papers that you want everyone to see, that can really add up. Instead of printing out fliers for your next event, utilize social media platforms to get the word out digitally. This is a much quicker and cheaper way of getting the word out. Within your office, send out memos and notices via email instead of making a bunch of copies. Lastly, if you have files or documents that you want a select group of your employees or clients to see, take advantage of file sharing. If you want a group of people to see the same thing you are looking at, you no longer have to hand them a physical piece of paper. File sharing allows you to share whatever you want with whoever you want without using any ink or paper.


Companies that use tablets can benefit from many different applications to help them go paperless. One of the most popular is Evernote. Evernote allows users to upload documents that can be both viewed and edited by those that the documents have been shared with. There are many other applications that can be used to help companies go paperless and still stay on top of things. Tablets can also be helpful for showing things to clients or customers, whether it be products, pricing, or demonstrations. Additionally, you can use tablets as your new check-out system for credit card swiping. Investing in a few tablets will not only help you in your efforts to go digital, but it will help you streamline your business in several areas.

These are just a few ways that companies can get closer to a completely paperless business model. Once you start implementing digital systems and practices, you will start to realize how much easier it can make business tasks. Embrace the technology available to you and see what you can do about getting your company to go paperless today.