In this modern world of technology those familiar with computers will understand the vast array of methods used by photographers to create the ‘perfect photo especially when it comes to professional photos which grace the covers of magazines featuring beautiful women past and present.

However, nowadays, photographers can simply click on their computers to choose how to blend the photograph with the right colour, the right shade, lighting and depth to create the perfect picture. So which types of pictures would be the ones needing a bit more care in terms of preparing for the perfect photo?

For those who are academically inclined, you will remember from your science lessons that an angle of incidence is created when light strikes the surface of lenses. When light bounces and reflects back on the lenses it causes an angle of reference. So how does this translate into simple terms for those of us who wear glasses and who want the best photo possible? I was fortunate to know a photographer a few years back who taught me a few tips on how to avoid this type of glare when wearing glasses and they were pretty easy to remember.

Simple tips which are easy to follow are the following:

  • To avoid glare, simply tilt your head down slightly and adjust your glasses so that the frames sit higher up to ensure that the light from the flash is broken up after it ricochets off the person’s lenses.
  • Adjusting your pose for the camera will also prevent poor photographic images and this means simply leaning forward from the waistline towards the camera or sitting at an angle.
  • Photographers employ various techniques such as using lights from above to detract from these interferences and they know how to use their cameras alongside correct lighting to ensure a good overall finished product.
  • However, it does help to know that if you tilt your head slightly to ensure that your chin is angled down, you should get a perfect picture image.
  • It does depend too, on other factors such as room lighting and the type of picture taken.
  • Geeky glasses are quite fashionable at the moment and the best way to wear them depends on a variety of factors, such as style, dress, lighting, accessories, pose etc.
  • If you want to know all the techniques that photographers use for great pictures, glasses or not, try taking some classes.

The idea is to ensure that the person wearing glasses looks their very best and is happy with the final product as glasses can be a very attractive focal point and deserve the very best photographic shot to enhance the beauty and appeal of the wearer.One only has to look at some of the beautiful pictures of many celebrities wearing glasses to appreciate how impressive they can be in enhancing a certain style and fashion. So no longer do you need to feel that by wearing glasses, you may be at a disadvantage as these simple tips will help to create the perfect picture pose.

Experiment too, with a few wardrobe accessories, such as a stylish hat or a scarf around your neck or even a statement piece of jewellery, which will contribute to the overall effect. To practice in front of a mirror and to try a range of clothing that works well taking into account other factors too such as whether you are a ‘seasonal person’ as colours in terms of whether you are a ‘winter’ ‘spring’ ‘ summer’ or ‘autumn’ person will depend on which colours bring out the best hues in the photo. Celebrate the era of glasses being real fashion statements right now and there is no better time to choose a beautiful frame which will enhance your looks and appearance to full effect. Go out there and be the star you really are!!