There’s no doubt about it: the best place to buy men’s diamond rings is on the internet. Buying online also allows customers to find the greatest number of styles, comparison shop and take advantage of some of the best deals available, but it also comes with its own set of unique risks.Here are some tips on how to buy men’s diamond rings online, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Vet the online retailer that you’re buying from.

If you’re unfamiliar with the internet store that you are looking to buy men’s diamond rings from, do a little research first. If their website looks unprofessional, has more than one broken link or lists contact information outside of the U.S., that’s probably your first indication that they might not be the most trustworthy source to buy from.

Next, check their accreditations: do they have an SSL certification icon from a trusted provider like Norton or Verisign? Do they offer trusted forms of payment processing like PayPal or Google Checkout in addition to their internal credit card processing? Lastly, check for customer reviews musing sites like Epinions, Better Business Bureau or Google Shopping – if you see more than one red flag it’s not worth taking the chance.

Make sure that they also have a flexible return policy, preferably a 30 day one. This will allow you time not only to examine your men’s diamond rings carefully upon receipt, but to have an independent gemologist appraise them as well.

Look closely at the listed 4 C’s – no matter how the diamond(s) appears in the product

It’s only natural that online retailers will want the best picture possible representing the men’s diamond rings that they are selling. However, this also means that the picture you see may not be 100% accurate, especially in the case of mass produced items and the natural variations that occur with diamonds. Product photos are great for getting an idea of style and general look, but you’ll also want to examine the product specifications. A ring may look like it has a large sparkling white diamond, but the stated clarity and carat weight might reveal something else. If the retailer only lists a general range for the diamond specifications (like I1-SI3 for clarity), see if you can get further details particular to the actual band that you are buying, especially if it involves a larger diamond or diamonds. You’ll also want to check on crucial measurements like band width to get a better sense of how the ring will look on your finger.

Know the difference between carat weight for individual stones and carat total weight

When purchasing men’s diamond rings with more than one diamond, carat weight is almost
always given as a total of all diamonds. A single 1 carat diamond is worth significantly more than a number of small diamonds totaling one carat, and you should expect the pricing to adjust accordingly. Don’t be fooled by retailers trying to claim a handsome price for a large carat total weight composed of multiple tiny diamonds.

Verify if colored diamonds are natural or treated.

There is quite a large difference in pricing between naturally colored diamonds and those that are color treated, especially with more rare colors like blue and green. After white diamonds, the most common colored stones seen in men’s diamond rings are black diamonds, which more often than not are color treated (natural black diamonds are quite rare, and technically not a true black). Other colors, like brown and yellow, are more common than colorless or white diamonds, and can be less pricy even in their natural untreated state.

Don’t be scared to shop for men’s diamond rings online – just make sure to exercise a little caution. By educating yourself and knowing what to look for and expect, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find an excellent price on a high quality band.