Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is great entertainment, so millions of players sincerely enjoy it. Still, this shooter game can offer something more than a fun time. Like many other video games, CS:GO helps to develop your subtle skills and thus help you to succeed in real life.

This article is not about those quite rare situations when playing CS:GO becomes the main occupation. Only some very dedicated players can reach the level of professional eSports. Are you one of them? Then let no one discourage your growth to the glory! For those who play mostly for fun, CS:GO is an effective method to improve the following basic individual skills:


In the world of short attention span, it’s quite important to have the skill of focusing on one particular thing for a relatively long time. Concentration helps to learn something new and successfully accomplish various tasks in (probably) every area of human activity.

CS:GO players develop their attention power in a natural way. The game is interesting for them, so no other motivation is needed to be totally concentrated on a game round for a few minutes and on a game match for up to an hour. You just can’t win or even survive in this game without keeping your attention totally on the current situation.


It’s not really necessary to explain how important memory is in the modern society. Our civilization has gathered so much information that people just must remember lots of things – while studying and while working.

The game of CS:GO is simple only at first glance – “Run and shoot, what to remember here?” If you dig a bit deeper, you start to understand the significance of knowing each map and each position on them perfectly well. Which ways are the best for reaching the bomb site? Where opponents usually hide? How to name your current position for teammates? The maps info is only an example of things to remember. Others are weapon features, controlling commands, the best ways to use smokes or fire grenades, and countless playing tricks.

Fast reaction

We may live not in the dangerous world of our ancestors, and still, fast reaction can become very helpful in various situations. Sometimes, it can even save your life.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is full of situations when you need to act super fast. An opponent appears from the corner – it’s all about who will shoot first.

Communication skills

Modern technology gives so many tools for communication but this skill is often totally underdeveloped. Many people really need to improve their ability to speak with others, come to concussions, and make decisions.

CS:GO is a team-based game. You can’t win here alone, so you need to communicate with teammates. To become a successful player, you should find friends to organize a team and practice together a lot. Players communicate on different levels, including visual – it’s a common practice to purchase skins for real money to look incredible and prove the involvement in the game and its community at first sight.

Also, this game can help to develop your skill of stress resistance. Some guys in CS:GO is not very polite. They are just rude and they will spoil the playing experience if you are very sensitive.


Practice makes perfect. Almost everything in real life asks for constancy: learning new languages, building a career, and even developing romantic relationships.

CS:GO is not an easy game. You have to be constant in your training to start feel the weapon, understand the map, know playing positions, and come up with effective round tactics and match strategies.

You don’t have to remember this list for getting the max from your CS:GO playing sessions. It’s much better to just enjoy the game, so all the described skills will be developing automatically. Of course, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is just an example – maybe you like another game, then why not think about real-life skills it helps you to develop?