The great thing about plumbing is that the technology is ever advancing, from the lead pipes used by the ancient Romans till now. At the same time, plumbing works the way it always has. Pipes under pressure bring fresh water into the building, and drain pipes take waste away via gravity. But here are four ways technology is changing plumbing systems.

PEX Piping

PEX tubing is cross-linked polyethylene, a flexible type of plumbing pipe that is used with or even replacing traditional copper pipes. Professionals such as those at All American Construction & Plumbing can assist with the install. Because PEX can expand to eight times its size, it takes a lot to burst it during a hard freeze. It quickly returns to its original shape after it’s been burned or bent, does not corrode or rust and can tolerate the acid soils that destroy copper pipes. It even comes in different colors, with red used for hot water and blue for cold water. Some municipalities are still wary of PEX piping, but with copper becoming more expensive PEX is becoming more and more popular.

Low Volume Toilets that Work

When low volume toilets came out in the 1990s, most people despised them. They had to be flushed more than once, and sometimes that didn’t even work. They clogged frequently. Now, they are somewhat improved. A homeowner can choose from a gravity tank toilet which depends on the siphoning action of the tank water, and pressure tank toilets. These toilets have a container that uses the pressure of the water entering the tank to compress the air. The extra pressure is used to flush the toilet.

Scald Control

Initially popular in nursing homes and hospitals, these devices are becoming popular in private homes. Many water heaters heat their water to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and it only takes a few seconds of exposure to such hot water to cause a serious burn. Scald controls work either by removing the handle on a faucet, dialing a comfortably warm water temperature and locking it in or by sensing and adjusting to a sudden pressure drop from another part of the plumbing system.

Hot Water Dispensers

On the other hand, installing a hot water dispenser removes the need to boil water on the stove for tea or instant soup. The water is much hotter than the water from the heater, and the unit is easy to install and doesn’t need a dedicated line.

These are just four of the advances in plumbing technology. No doubt there will be more in the coming years that will making a homeowner’s plumbing system more efficient and easier to use and repair.