Jamaica is considered as a region full of nature. The greenery, serenity and the beauty of beaches and forest attract millions of tourist every year. However, the region is suffering from a number of issues from an increased crime rate to uneven landscape. Jamaica receives many tourists who faces a lot of trouble in moving and discovering the gems of nature either due to a weak security system or due to facing trouble in transportation.

Poor Road Infrastructure

Jamaica has many of constructed areas. Its roads are uneven. They are suffering from years of negligence. Broken, bumpy and irregular roads cause troubles for the locals as well as for those who arrive from highly developed countries. There are huge potholes, inadequate streets, poorly constructed sites. There are poor traffic control markings, no zebra crossing or proper pedestrian for crossers. On a single road, you will have bikers, cyclist, car drivers and livestock as well. It’s a total trouble to move ahead without getting charged for an accident for those who arrive from countries like USA or UK. It is recommended to drive in the mornings or evenings. Once you become familiar with the road rules and driving scenario of the region than you can think of taking your car out in the dark. Furthermore, as per the national rules, every country has a highway that is connected with four different routes leading to the city. Jamaica to has those routes and a highway but that is crowded by livestock. Its rear to find animals roaming on such a speedy route but in Jamaica anything is possible.

Aggressive Local Drivers

One thing is uneven roads and other things are aggressive and frustrated local drivers. As much as Jamaica is fun to discover, it has many dangerous flares as well. The local drivers of the place are far too aggressive to give you some roam to drive properly on the road. They do not follow any traffic rules and lack road sense. The international standards of driving towards the right is altered here as drivers are seen driving towards the left side. This too creates troubles for the newcomers who have to set their driving pace on the left along with saving themselves from the aggressive drivers who seem ready to hit them at any moment. The locals are not very polite. They lack patience and they drive at improper speed. There have been many cases, in which drivers doing reckless driving killed the road crossers. You have to get a car that has smooth controls over applying brakes or handling speed as the locals have a sort of craze to overtake vehicles at the wrong time and in an unacceptable fashion.

Natural Calamities

Jamaica receives frequent thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. The rainfall and lightings create troubles for drivers. You can even find your car stuck in inches deep water. The floods make driving even more complicated. It creates threats for cars, which get conk out leaving the drivers in dismay. Before heading on any journey drivers first have to check the weather condition and then head to the road.

Most Suitable Cars to Survive Such Roads

As per the information laid above, it’s clear that no ordinary brand or car is able to drive through such troublesome and rough terrain of the region. You need to have a car that not only goes perfectly for your family and needs but demand not more from you. You should rely on such a brand that can provide you reliable cars. It is seen that Jamaicans prefer to have Japanese cars. These cars are durable and efficient to drive even on muddy pathways and crowded streets.

Japan has been awarded a number of recognition’s showing its unmatchable expertise in manufacturing cars and other automobiles. Japanese cars are the most selling ones. These cars are fuel-efficient and entertain diverse taste of car lovers. The cars have the strength to handle the many jerks of uneven roads. For all the bumpy roads and potholes, you can have a number of Japanese cars from the Japanese auto auction in Jamaica. There are a lot of cars that are suitable to drive on Jamaica streets among them some are listed below:

  • Honda Inspiress
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic.
  • Nissan March
  • Nissan Note
  • Daihatsu Boom Vitz

Wrapping Up

Though Jamaica is predominant with many road issues and its history is full of several criminal cases but a lot of tourist visits the place again and again. The scenic beauty and mesmerizing spots are hard to find elsewhere. If you have Japanese cars with a robust performance, you should not fear for any mishap. You can enjoy a long drive near the coast or an adventurous trip in the rain forest.