Having a pet is like having another member of your family and you wouldn’t leave a member of your family home alone, would you? On contrary to the popular opinion traveling with your pets is not that difficult. Sure, it requires a bit more preparation and planning, but it beats leaving your pet in some stranger’s custody while you have a time of your life on your vacation.

As we all know pets are a part of our family and even though it doesn’t seem that leaving them in the pet care center for a week is a big deal, it does leave an emotional impact on them, especially if they are not used to strangers. That is why we have decided to put together this list of the best dog traveling tips so you and your faithful companion can enjoy trips – long and short.

Prepare your dog for a car trip


Traveling by car is the most usual scenario you can find yourself in, and most of the dogs are just fine with this sort of transportation. But if your dog has never previously traveled by car, make sure you do a few short trips to the store or park to see how he is behaving. Some of the dogs have motion sickness and some even get anxiety attacks.

The easiest and best solution for this problem is to visit your veterinarian. They can give you some medication to calm your dog down during the trip. In some cases after a few trips, some dogs get used to traveling and you can stop giving them medication, but if they still struggle it is better to leave them on meds.

Also, some people decide to put their dogs in carriers during the ride. This is something that cat owners usually practice doing to keep them calm, but dogs are perfectly fine sitting or lying on your back seat. But if you decide to do this, make sure that your dog is used to the carrier by leaving it around the house. This way he won’t panic when you first put him in it.

Make a traveling kit for your dog


Most of us make traveling kits for ourselves that have things like emergency medication, water, snacks, extra clothes, etc. There is no reason why your pet shouldn’t have one too. Dog traveling kits should have everything that might help your dog during the travel.

For example, pack a pair of nail clippers, bandages, extra water, and all the information about your dog, your address and cell phone number. Also, pack the medical records of your dog so, in case something goes wrong, the veterinarian knows if your dog is allergic to something, or if they’ve had any previous treatments. As for the food, it is better to buy dog food online in bulk and order it to arrive at your destination than pack it with you. We all know how dogs react to new food and you don’t want to deal with that mess while you are on the trip. Additionally, pack a pooper scooper and waste bags so you can clean after your dog wherever you are.

And that is it for this article. These are all essentials and every dog is unique so you will need to adjust accordingly. If your dog needs some special medication, pack some of those or if they have their favourite toy, you should most definitely bring it with you. We hope that you learned some useful tips for preparing your dog for a trip. As you can see there is nothing too difficult about this process. With just a little bit of preparation and planning, both you and your dog will be set for an adventure.