When you think of it, the bathroom is one of the most important places in your home. Here, you can truly have privacy and relax in a warm bath with candles all around. For many, this is the first place they go to when they wake up and last before they go to sleep.

And since this is where you have all your hygiene activities done, it needs to be clean, in order and comfortable. So, if it’s time for renovations, here are some of the crucial bathroom improvements for this year that you should definitely get.

A mirror can tell a thousand stories

Bathroom accessories are as important as those you have in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. Just like in those other rooms, their purpose is to enhance the design and elevate the ambiance. However, while an ornamental item may be purely decorative, there are those that are valuable beyond aesthetics.

Private Spa Moments: Crucial Bathroom Improvements for This Year 1

One of those is the mirror you will hang above the sink and that will be one of the most used fixtures in the bathroom. So, make it stylish and allow it to have an impact on the overall design, perhaps with a lighted or massive frame that will turn it into a focal point. If you have a small bathroom, hang the biggest mirror possible since that will elongate the space and open it up.

Turn it into a spa

If you always wanted for your bathroom to be more than just a room where you take care of your hygiene, renovation is a perfect excuse for that. To create the ultimate spa experience you will need a bathtub and some relaxing colors. Candy pop colors like blush pink are ideal to create a comfortable and yet sophisticated ambience where you can find peace and charge your batteries.

Private Spa Moments: Crucial Bathroom Improvements for This Year 2

A standalone bathtub as a focal point will give your bathroom the extravagance that is present in the spa ambiance. To make the room more open, only place the necessary fixtures and minimum of ornamental items since clutter means chaos. An oxygen-producing plant or two will not only bring freshness to the décor but also promote a healthy and calm environment.

It’s time to think about the cabinets

Just like in any room in your home, you probably have a lot of items in your bathroom that could use a good storage area. This will also remove all the clutter from the sink area and give you more space to change the overall design, as well. When you consider what types of cabinets to install, pay attention to the size and shape of your bathroom.

Private Spa Moments: Crucial Bathroom Improvements for This Year 3

If you have a small bathroom, storage area under the sink or on a certain height may be more appropriate. If you have a niche, then it’s a perfect place to build shelves or a closet to store towels, bathrobes, and slippers. Don’t forget the area above the toilet since you can mount a small cabinet there to keep hygiene necessities and cleaning agents away from children.

Even the smallest bathrooms can be comfortable

You probably already heard about bidets considering they are very trendy right now when it comes to bathroom fixtures and your health. But contrary to popular belief, they are neither expensive nor only intended for big and luxurious bathrooms. Currently, there is a variety of smart toilets and washlets on the market that will turn your small bathroom into an extravagant room.

Private Spa Moments: Crucial Bathroom Improvements for This Year 4

Smart toilets and washlets offer everything a classic bidet does with a sprayer underneath the seat that you can activate on a button or remote. But other features like setting the temperature of the water and heated seats are what makes the experience even more comfortable. The design of these smart toilets is perfect for any décor, but also affordable for any pocket and every size of the bathroom, even the smallest one.

Gold is in the details

This year’s trend is to say bye-bye to copper and welcome in gold details in your home. This also includes bathroom décor where gold details such as sink and mirror rims will especially benefit the space. Since this will give a luxurious note to your bathroom, pair these gold details with marble counters and tiles.

Private Spa Moments: Crucial Bathroom Improvements for This Year 5

Since gold is expressive on itself, keep the colors to the minimum and rather go for combinations that will allow the golden tones to pop like black and white. Also, keep the decorations to a minimum to avoid tackiness and highlight the elegance of the shapes and contours.


Before you start renovations, take a good look at your bathroom and then consider what would be the best fit for the space you have. Always put the crucial bathroom improvements first but also don’t forget to pay attention to design and aesthetics. Gold details or a standalone bathtub may seem like over-splurging, but in the end, they will give you a magnificent bathroom you will truly and fully enjoy.