In 2016, it would be absurd to even think about success without a strong online presence. The first instinct people have when they hear about you or your business is to google you up. Needless to say, if they like what they see they might even do business with you. The other way around goes as well, if your web page is unresponsive, lags or is not optimized for mobile users, they might make a negative first impression about your business. This alone is more than enough for a lot of people to just give up which is exactly why a quality web design is considered to be a first step towards success.

Purpose of The Website Always Comes First

Now, the absolutely first trait of inefficiently designed website is that it hides from the visitors what they are there to see. Sure, there might be some great and even fun ideas present, but no one is there to admire the wittiness of the designer. Your website has its purpose whether it is an entertainment or commerce and you need to give your users exactly what they came looking for. In other words, if your customers are there to contact you, you need to enable that in two clicks. If they are there to buy something, take them straight to the store. Here, it is always a good idea to scout the internet for inspiration and fresh ideas.

Choosing The Right Tool

After this, what you need to do is find the right tool to help you manage the content of your website. Your safest choice here is probably Magento ecommerce platform. Sure, some may even find WordPress highly satisfactory, but seeing how Magento is more niche specific it usually offers ecommerce websites superior results. The best thing about both of these platforms is that they are simple to use and completely open source, which will give you a lot of freedom in both your creative and financial dealings.

Every Letter Counts

Next thing you need to know is that even the font you use has a particular influence on your website’s visitors. For example, Arial and Verdana are known to be the easiest font to read, so going with one of them would be considered a safe choice. Furthermore, the optimal screen reading font size is roughly 16pt and although you can use more different sizes, try to restrict their number to under three. Anything more would seem simply excessive and diminish the visual impression that your website leaves.


Mobile Optimization

Finally, a statistic such as the fact that by the next year roughly 2/3 of the world will have a mobile phone is more than enough to stress out just how important is mobile optimization of your website. Luckily, with the right tool and at least some previous experience, this can be done in under 5 minutes. If you take into consideration that most of your potential clients use this browsing method even if it were longer, it would still be worth your while.

What everyone needs to understand about quality of web design is that it is determined only by users and no one else in the world. So, if your users find the font, the practicality and the layout of your page to be good, then it is indeed good and there is no one who can rightfully claim otherwise. In other words, your main focus is to improve the overall customer experience (CX) of your website, so always be ready to listen to the will of the majority.