Now would be the perfect time to take a stab at selling your property for a nice hefty profit. The current real estate market allows huge opportunities for good sales due to increased sale volumes starting last year until the first quarter of this year. News reports abound with information about the real estate in the country being one of the most hospitable ventures anyone could go into right now.

But before you go ahead and place your property in of the thousands of listings, it is imperative that you make sure that you’re ahead of the game. The easiest way to make a sale is to put up your property for an abysmally low selling price, but that doesn’t count for a profitable endeavor, wouldn’t it? Instead, there are other ways to make sure you sell your property without compromising your intended price. There are factors that you can control for a speedier and more satisfactory deal.

Smelly properties are always last priority.

No matter how beautifully furnished your interior is, or how magnificent the kitchen tiles are, your property will be placed at the back burner if it reeks. Take the time to ensure that the property smells fresh and clean. First impressions do last, and the smell of a property is even more lasting than the its appearance. A nice basket of flowers in the dining area and scented candles could potentially fast forward the deal. Don’t discount the power of potpourris – they might be the things that could help you earn thousands of dollars.

Beauty on the outside is as important as beauty on the inside.

A couple of properties in Sydney currently listed on Taylors demonstrate exactly what this is about. Great presentation from the outside includes high grade exteriors, impeccable paint job, newly trimmed shrubs, and a neat lawn. Instead of focusing on doing repairs for interior parts of the house, prioritize the things that gets you noticed instead. That includes features that are head turners. Realtor Magazine suggests that home investments must be well researched before you can ask for a good return. First impressions, like what was mentioned earlier, count.

This is what’s called the ‘curb appeal’. “When buyers are shopping for a home, the exterior can make (or break) the first impression,” says Erica Christoffer of Realtor Mag. Even before potential buyers step inside the house, you’ve already made the greatest sales pitch with a presentable exterior.

The price should be right.

It’s common sense that research is a fundamental step to any endeavor involving property or money. Look at listings in the area encompassing your property. Compare it with the rest of items in the market and you have a good idea of where to place your property. A real estate agent could be the guardian angel you need if you have totally no idea on what to do regarding the asking price.

Placing yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer, you can ask yourself if you are willing to buy this property with this price. Is it fair? Is it asking too much? Is it even realistic?

What are your general tricks when dealing with a property for sale? Tell us your thoughts on the comments section.