The year was going slow, profits are down and slowly you are getting pinned against the edge of falling into the bankruptcy pit. Your business is thirsty for that return-on-investment (ROI) and you have to deliver. Without mentioning the turbulence and stress that goes along with this situation – you are forced to think potentially outside of the box to solve this one.
This hurdle is usually the hardest to overcome but luckily there are many solutions both technical and presentational that you can do to start that cash start flowing in. Below you can read about a couple of angles you can take when considering solving these issues.

Redesign your website

This is an undertaking that requires a lot of time and effort in order to succeed. Various aspects of your website can be redesigned. One side of the coin is purely visual aesthetic design. The visual is very important if not more than the other side and you change it by implementing new styles and layout arrangement. The other side of the coin is the technical part of the website. If a website is not user-friendly and has bad architecture, content distribution, and cross-platform accessibility it will probably cost you money.
The important thing here is to keep yourself focused and calm. Try approaching this from the angle of a potential customer. Play with his levels of understanding of your brand/product/market. See how this molds into your site’s presentation. If you consider this approach quickly you will realize just how much you can improve!

Measure the scale

Underreacting or overreacting is a big NO if we are looking for quick results. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Much like investing it in the right place at the right time. This is why we scale problems and react only when and where necessary. You don’t need to change the whole thing because one option isn’t delivering similarly to how a broken system won’t be fixed by changing a button.
Take a look at the data if you have it available. If you don’t – try and get some. It is pretty good for pointing you in a rational way. Allow the data to guide you in determining the problem and do the absolute bare minimum to fix it. If you are doing a complete revamp of your site without being absolutely certain that is the way to go – chances are you are probably getting rid some of the good stuff as well.

Focus on your SEO

Many aspects of your website affect your ranking within Google’s algorithm. Getting your website and its content search engine optimized (SEO) is a priority if you are struggling for fresh traffic. This alone can make or break your investment. SEOs take into consideration over hundreds of factors and try tweaking each out.
Whether it’s focusing on retail, marketing, branding or content aspects, all involved within SEO – delivering on all of these fronts can be a mountain to climb on. If overwhelmed, many turn to companies like GWM, in order to provide the best visibility for their online presence.

Check-out your biases

This one isn’t necessarily a strategy, rather a good point to end on. Choosing the correct option is only a part of the solution. You must convince yourself that the choice you made is correct and hone it. The greatest issue when choosing our solution is our biases clouding our better judgment. We all have our personal preferences on what aspect of our business we value the most.
This can be a slippery slope. An economist will overthink the finances, a designer aesthetics, a manager organization, etc. Always talk to your coworkers and ask for opinions to better your input. Fresh perspectives should be openly accepted as they allow us to form well-developed solutions.


Whether the change you make is minor or major – they have to reflect the final goal you are striving for. Argue from the point of using data and experience to help you see the issues and solutions to them. Check and double-check your information, making sure you are on the right path every step of the way.
Turning things around quickly is usually a bang or a bust. Rarely can there be a middle ground found when taking a step this extreme. Making sure your shot at this is straight and true is an obligation you shouldn’t take likely – for your sake.