Julia was devasted when her friend who had committed a shoot and clicks of the first big event of her career did not turn up, Marbina got saved from a nightmare when her so-called friend, who is passionate about photography, informed just 2 days prior about not being able to make it on her (Marbina’s) wedding day. Jack was shattered when all he could see were the imperfect pictures of his D-day being captured and this feeling got worse when a middle-aged couple was clicked at length in the video with the presumption that they were his parents.

What was Julia, Marbina and Jack’s mistake here? Was it that their friends cum photographers were not good at clicking pictures or not capturing the right moments? The answer is No! In case of Julia and Marbina the photographers were not professionals whereas in case of Jack he had hired a professional e-commerce, a photographer who did not have any experience in wedding photography.

Nowadays there are budding self-learned photographers who are gaining attention on Instagram (a social application where networking is done via sharing of images and videos). Trust me their clicks are amazing, and pictures are worth drooling for. But one can’t dare think that the Instagram famous friend whose pictures hit minimum 4 digits like can be made your professional wedding photographer.

The difference between a professional and let me term your friends (with fear of not sounding harsh) as beginners, is simple. It is the very fact that when a beginner is clicking he is seeing things from his perspective whereas when a professional is clicking, he is doing it from the view of others. And with the number of years of experience, they now know exactly what the client would want to see – mixture of emotions, expressions, happiness, singing, dancing, the sadness of a girl’s vidai (the ritual of bidding the girl a farewell where everyone is seen shedding a tear or two), not forgetting the huge investment made on the make-up and clothes. Calling for a photography quote should be your first step while budgeting the wedding, do not let saving a few pennies cost you memories of your special day

Let me summarize the benefit of hiring a professional wedding photographer as against hiring a friend with a good camera, Instagram expert or a guest:

Commitment of a professional:

Once committed they will be there at the venue at the desired time. In case of any exigencies, where the photographer cannot make it, there would be a replacement for the professional from their pool of resource and not an absence. A plan B will always be in place.

Rich in experience:

Photography is a form of art where he knows how to use the camera with the perfect lights, specifications. It is not just about the expensive DSLR, but what he does with it, his eyes to capture emotions and moments that matters the most. They are good with the flow of series, with their experience they know what is coming up next.

Bah3ck-up of resources:

Be it a faulty camera or a broken wire or a corrupted memory card, they will have a back-up for all required equipment so that no special moments go uncaptured. They stay invested in additional camera unlike an amateur,

The right shot!

The celebrations, humor, joy, farewell, first dance, cake cutting etc. all must be naturally captured and shouldn’t look like just a click. You will be in a natural flow and forget that such moments occurred, but they unfold once you get the pictures from the professional. To give you an experience of all this, hours of training, the experience of weddings, practice of precision are all required to be displayed in a few hours of the wedding, a story has to be developed with details of colors, lights, effects, and emotions.

Well-equipped instruments:

Professionals invest in equipment & maintenance and spend a fortune on instruments. In fact, some of them get themselves insured so that any mishaps are consciously covered. This is the sole reason that ends up spending a lot on hiring them. But this gives us the advantage of having quality pictures in our bucket.

I am sure with the benefits stated above, one would not wish any memory of a horror story like Jack, Marbina or Julia. Wedding pictures will last a lifetime and bring back the memories of old times, don’t skimp on photography cost to save few pennies, make it worth it, go hire a professional! You would love to see the album again and again for years and generations to come after you, make it worthwhile not for documenting but also reliving the memories with it, choosing the right photographer will be the first step towards this!