Times have indeed changed. Before digital technology came along, quick serve restaurants had to rely on menus printed on heavy cardboard stock. These menus would come in once every so long and be displayed behind plastic casings.

Stuck in reverse!

Woe unto everyone if there was a spelling mistake! Users would have to get used to seeing that for the next very long time as the restaurant struggled to keep the old menu for as long as possible. Changing prices was through gluing pieces of paper onto the heavy cardboard version of the menu.

You would think that with the kind of hassle printed menus presents, everyone would welcome digital menu display boards with open arms and a matching band, but this is hardly the case. Many quick serve restaurants have yet to implement this much more efficient technology, perhaps because of the initial cash outlay, which is quite substantial.

Advantages of digital menu boards

However, this fact remains true: digital menu boards are by far the better option, and there are many compelling reasons for making the shift. Not only will you benefit from increased capabilities, options and more pleasing displays, but employing just a little marketing skill will lead to a significant boost in your sales.

Below are a few reasons why you should make that change:

Day-parting changes – Gain the ability to change automatically your menu displays according to the time of day (breakfast, lunch or supper) as well as days of the week (if you serve day-specific specials or run day-specific offers e.g. BOGOF).

Instant updates – Change details on the menu whenever necessary within just a moment e.g. increase/decrease in prices, striking off items you no longer serve (or those no longer available) and adding specials.

Eye-candy – you can use images of mouthwatering and delicious meals to accompany displays of different menu items. Now that you do not have to cram all the items in one menu board, you can show them in turns with beautiful images, encouraging customers to make purchases and reducing customers’ perceived wait times.

Better control – if you have multiple branches for you restaurant, you can make all your changes across the all branches instantaneously through remote access to ensure consistency with images and pricing.

Compliance with regulations: digital displays make it easier to provide nutritional labeling data for various meals available to the consumer in compliance with the law.

Returns on investment

According to a survey, 50% of the QSRs that have implemented digital menu boards revealed that investments are recoverable in as little as 6-18 months. By correct display of items and accompaniments, they also registered sales increases of 5% and even higher.

If you are still not sold and are wondering how to begin this journey to digitization, worry no more. Come to us and get advice from our experienced digital signage professionals and graphic designers on the best way to get started at whatever budget you are working with.

We have everything from basic signage for limited budgets to elaborate displays at very affordable rates. Do not stay stuck in reverse, join the move and see what you have been missing!