Banana is an – all season – fruit. Loved by children and kids and adults too, this fruit has lot many benefits. You must have heard about or eaten banana ice cream, much favourite of kids, banana shake, that we all drink the entire summers and pies and other delicious stuff made with this amazing fruit. This is a summer fruit. It not only benefits by keeping your tummy full but also by providing nutrients, calcium and lots of carbs. Now it doesn’t mean that you will put on weight. Also you can order this ice cream from your favourite restaurants using Swiggy New User Offer at discounted price.

Summers arriving and you have lots to do with not only just eating banana. Frozen banana ice creams and shakes are something that everyone loves. I assure you of some mouth-watering recipes made from bananas. These are not only yummy but also a makes a complete healthy meal. So just stop eating those ripe and mashed bananas; you have more to eat.

That basic concept of putting bananas in blender and mashing it is simply old. Nothing to do just with that one alone. If you add a little fat in it, say like milk or cream milk or ice cream to make shakes or pudding, I assure you, you will be the one to be remembered by the kids.

Banana ice cream

The old classic banana ice cream gives you a lot more than just satiating your taste buds. Chop and mash a few ripe bananas. Don’t pick those over ripen ones. They will not taste good. Mash them in a blender to make a smooth paste out of it. Keep mashing it till you achieve the consistency of a soft serve ice cream – as smooth as that. Add sugar in it and blend it again. Sugar should be added to maintain a normal sweetness. Do not over sweeten it. Blend if you are having trouble achieving that consistency just by blending bananas, adda half cup of milk in it. Once you achieve that “soft serve” consistency, remove it from the blender. Pour it in a bowl. Refrigerate it.

The fun part is to add and top it with your favourite mix-ins. Add chopped fresh berries and fruits to garnish it. This will add lots of flavours to it. Else a plain banana ice cream would have tasted bland. Fruits and berries will give that quirk and tinge of taste to your tongue – a little sweet, a little sour and savory. Scoop it out with an ice cream scooper and serve chilled.

Choco-banana ice cream

Recipe of banana ice cream 1Not that same old traditional banana ice cream. We all love chocolate ice cream. We all love bananas. Add banana to it. Repeat the same procedure of chopping and blending ripe bananas by adding a little milk and sugar. Blend it till it becomes a smooth paste. I find inspiration in adding every flavour to this ice cream – and the best part is that you can add countless flavours to it, countless fruits and berries to top it. You will get those exotic flavours that you and your kids surely wouldn’t want to miss. Now after doing all this, add grated dark chocolate and blend again. Moreover you can easily order this dessert online using Zomato Offers at your doorstep

Pour it in a bowl and refrigerate it. Add chopped chip chocolates to decorate. Serve chilled.

With these two amazing and mouth-watering delicious banana ice creams for your kids this summer, I assure that your kids wouldn’t want anything else this season. Forget shakes and incorporate banana with ice creams. Add different flavours to it.

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