Are you a fun of the Nokia Lumia phones? You must be celebrating about the announcement of three new phones from Nokia a few days ago. The bad news is that out of the three new Nokia Smartphones, none of them were the fable Nokia EOS as speculated by many.

According to a WMPowerUser source, there was someone who was spotted claiming to have seen the Nokia EOS although there was no picture to justify the statement.

The body and appearance of the Nokia EOS

The Nokia EOS phone is said have the same size just as the Lumia 920 although it is lighter than the Lumia 920.
This Nokia EOS is made of the polycarbonate which is just a perfect material for the Smartphone and it is thick in the middle just like the thickness of the Lumia 920. The Nokia EOS is also tapers off at the edge making it look unique and stunningly beautiful to have around.

The unique features of the Nokia EOS Smartphone

  1. This Nokia EOS is well equipped with an automatic lens cover that can actually open to reveal a round lens housing that protrudes slightly and this is just smaller than the one of the Nokia 808 pure view. This is the kind of look that the Lumia 925 is also said to have.
  2. The Nokia EOS is said to have a good resolution although the megapixels of the resolution is not yet known as it has the label of ‘xx megapixels’ which Nokia usually uses with most of its prototypes
  3. The Nokia EOS device has a xenon flash next to the camera which is smaller than the one in the Nokia 808. There are also two LEDs where one of them is red for the AF and the other one is white for the video lighting. It is also clear that the Nokia 808 also has the same arrangement of the camera and the lens.
  4. This Nokia EOS has a perfect display just like the one in the Nokia Lumia 925 or the Lumia 928 which is a 4.5 inch AMOLED of the WXGA resolution for effective view of your videos, photos, images, for documents and even for the gaming.
  5. This Nokia EOS device also has a special app of Nokia Pro camera like the one in the Lumia 925 that provided things like the manual focus as well as the regular app that it still has on board.