After working on ContentLook over the last year, Squirrly finally released their latest content marketing tool. ContentLook aims to identify the loopholes in your website’s content strategy, and it also tell you how you can fix them. Let’s see how it works.

This is the home page, the first thing you see when you enter the website. A pretty blue background, with a nice colorful logo on the left side. Everything you need to know is explained here, making the tool really easy to use for everyone. I decided to review ContentLook, and enter my website’s URL. I was curious to see how powerful my content marketing strategy is, and if there’s something I need to fix.

After entering your website’s URL, there’s a 20 second waiting time, during which you can find out more about ContentLook, and its benefits.


Then, after your audit is ready, you get the overall score of your website’s content marketing strategy. The score focuses on 6 main areas: blogging, traffic, SEO, social, links, and authority. My score turned out to be 73. Not bad, I must say, but I can definitely do better than this.


Let’s examine all these 6 main areas, and see what they’re all about.



As you can see in the picture above, I completed all the three tasks from blogging. Yay for me! I really like the fact that you have the option to choose what tasks to see. That way, you can’t get lost if there are too many, and it also makes it easy for you to browse through them. In the blogging area, the following are included: posting frequency, your site’s feed, and content optimization.


The traffic category is pretty self explanatory. It tells you whether people visit your website, and if you have enough traffic. It appears that I have completed this task as well. 2/6 so far.


SEO is the most complex, as it has the most tasks to complete. Here, I only managed to complete 16/20. My site has keywords, but does not have long-tail keywords, which are important to target my visitors more efficiently. My website is visible for search engines, doesn’t have duplicate meta tags, has atitle tag, has an open graph protocol, has NoFollow Links, has a Meta Description, has a robot file, site icon, site language, meta viewport, page encoding, a good page loading time, isoptimized for speed, and is safe for browsing.

Aside from adding long tail keywords, I also need to add DcPublisher Meta tag, copyright meta, and a canonical link.


In the social category, I checked 3/5 tasks. I need to work on my social impact, meaning to improve the number of shares of my articles. I have Twitter Cards, social Follow me buttons, and enough Twitter followers so that they matter for my business.


Here there are 5 tasks, and 4 of them I’ve already completed. I have enough Alexa Backlinks, Moz Backlinks, Twitter Backlinks, Majestic Backlinks. What I’m missing right are now are Majestic Unique Domains. 213 unique domains apparently are not enough. I now know that I need to work on that.


This last section also has 5 tasks you need to complete. My Google Page Rank is good, my Alexa rank is also good, and my domain age is also strong. What I need to improve here are the MozRank, and Moz Page Authority.

Who wants to improve their content marketing strategy?

At the end of these 6 main areas, there is a “To do” section, where there are articles that will explain to you how to fix your loopholes. What’s cool about ContentLook is that can you send an invitation to three friends, and you can all become PRO users for free. This means that you can enjoy all the features that ContentLook provides you, while helping a friend.

You can add up to 1o websites in your account, and you can check their audit every day, and send it to yourself through email. Also, you can adjust the complexity of the audit, and choose what channels you want to check.

I think that this is a great tool to use by everyone that wants to improve their content marketing strategy. Not to mention the fact that it’s free. so, what you’re waiting for?

You can get a PRO account for it using the priority code: GrowthHacking2014 on the signup page.