Mobile applications play a vital role to boost the travel industry on a global level, however in case there is an app that failed to entice your users, then maybe because it failed to target the right audience or lacked relevance or may it is not having the best-selling features. Keen on building your next travel app that gains huge success then include these key features as they would help in gaining a competitive advantage making it a lot more scalable.

1. GPS Based Location Services

As you integrate Geo-location tracking services into your travel app, the benefits are huge. With this travel application, you can access the mobile device’s GPS in no time, track location as well as gather exact results. So make travelling fun using this app.

2. Travel Route Generator

Offer a comprehensive travel planner to your users, after all travelers like mobile applications able to make travel plans and this way they are going to travel in a seamless manner. For this purpose travel roué generator is juts apt. Here travelers require specifying the destination where they are keen to travel and this feature is going to generate various routes in order to reach the location. Using this feature, travelers can plan an appropriate route that would help in reaching the destination according to their needs and likes. You find apps letting users add tourist attractions or incorporate custom landmarks helpful in designing their travel itinerary accordingly. Even though it’s a complex feature, still you this can add a lot to your app success.

3. Weather Forecasting

Can you offer users exact weather forecasting reports via your travel app? Well, now you can easily integrate this vital feature in the next travel app that you’d design. Integrating real-time weather forecasting feature, such hassles can be protected while the travelers get the alert regarding unexpected weather predictions as their travel itinerary is created. Using these apps, travelers get to check wind speed, cloud formations, humidity, etc. for a particular location and accordingly a trip can be planned.

4. Location Based Cab or Public Transport Booking Services

Upon visiting a new destination, a travel requires cab services or details regarding public transportation in order to reach a preferred location. Thus, an app offering location based cab services or public transportation details can be of huge help to the users as this way they can plan to travel and reach their desired location on time.

5. Language Translator and Currency Converter

Even though it’s a tricky affair to integrate in-app language translator and currency converter, still if you get it, then your mobile app is certain to gain instant prominence among travelers. Often when a tourist travels a new country, s/he is not familiar with the regional language. This may tend to be quite inconvenient thus you get apps allowing users to translate real-time voice data, scan texts for visual language translation as well as translate written texts.

Now even though a traveler is in need of exchanging currencies but doesn’t have any idea of the current exchange rate, what is going to happen? So make your app a success by incorporating this feature of offering currency exchange rates as well it must offer instant information to the users.

6. Social Media Integration

In the times of revolutionary communication, a travel app sans social media is bound to fail. After all, a travel app must be endowed with social media integration as the travelers enjoy posting photos, reviews and updates regarding places visited by them. Using this feature, your users won’t require signing into their social media accounts separately in order to post updates and photos as they travel. This is done in a hassle-free way.

7. Emergency and Security Features

Irrespective of location and time, you may have to deal with any kind of emergency situation. Thus, it becomes vital for a travel app to have location based emergency phone number and service feed for users to access in case they face any crisis situation. Instant access must be offered to the traveler to the emergency number as per the current locations within the app. be safe and secure this way.


Now when mobile app developer include these features to your travel app this is certainly going to let your travel app gain a competitive advantage as you differentiate it from others. Follow these tips and make your travel app a big-time success. You also need to consider above features during hire iPhone App Developer for your iOS travel app.