Workplace injuries are most common in high-risk industries, such as with utilities, construction and more. However, even someone working at a desk job in your office can develop a workplace injury, such as with carpal tunnel syndrome, a slip and fall accident and more. The financial loss that your company could incur because of this type of event can be significant, and you need to take action now to prevent and plan for these events.

Identify Potential Risk Factors

The first step to take when you are preparing for a worst-case event is to identify potential risk factors. These may include everything from using dangerous equipment or working at elevated heights to repetitive movements in work activities and more. By identifying potential risk factors and regularly looking for new risk factors that may develop, you can take necessary steps to improve the safety of your work environment.

Improve the Facility and Operations Regularly

A critical factor that may place your company in the midst of a liability lawsuit relates to your actions or negligence that result in injuries. For example, if a cord runs across a pathway in your facility and you never take steps to move or secure the cord, you could be held liable for a trip and fall accident. Therefore, after you have identified risk factors, take the necessary and reasonable steps required to mitigate them.

Develop a Workplace Training Program

Your workers should be provided with a reasonable and effective training program to reduce their risk of injury. Everything from how to identify hazards to how to respond to hazards that develop, how to wear safety equipment properly and more should be discussed. While new employees should be properly trained, established employees should be required to take a refresher course periodically.

Create a Liability Management Plan

Even when you take all necessary steps to reduce the risk of workplace injuries, you must have a management plan in place in case something does happen. Train your team how to respond by calling emergency responders, keeping customers out of the affected area, and writing reports that document the event. Talk to a personal injury lawyer like Bennett & Sharp PLLC to determine your risk and steps you can take to avoid a lawsuit.

No business is immune from developing a workplace injury, and devastating events can happen at any time. Now is the right to take preventative action as well as to create a plan in case someone is injured. Through these steps, you can mitigate risk related to personal injuries in your workplace.


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