You didn’t put so much time and effort into opening your business to have it be dirty or dingy. If you’re sick of having to do a major cleaning every couple of months, then follow these tips on how you can keep your business clean and pristine each and every day of the year.

Write it Out

Keeping a space clean overall involves a lot of little steps. Think about when you clean your bathroom at home. If you were to just clean the toilet and the shower but leave the sink and the floor filthy, your bathroom wouldn’t feel very clean at all.

Since maintaining a clean business has even more components than maintaining a clean home, create a written cleaning schedule for your janitors or maintenance staff to follow. For example, you can include daily tasks like disinfecting surfaces and emptying trash cans, in addition to bigger once-a-month tasks, such as deep cleaning floors and baseboards.

If you want to give your life outside of work a boost, these schedules aren’t a bad idea for home use, either. You’ll be amazed at how at ease and peaceful you feel when you stick to a personal, organized cleaning schedule.

Give Each Employee a Job

In a setting like a restaurant or a retail store, odds are that you already have this tip in practice. The typical server or shop assistant already has a list of cleaning tasks that are a part of their daily duties. However, don’t think that offices can’t use this tip as well. No, you can’t expect white collar professionals to scrub the toilets. However, you can absolutely require that your employees keep their desks wiped down, their papers neat and take responsibility for their offices or cubicles. If every person helps a bit, it’s easier to keep your office clean.

Use The Right Products

If your janitorial staff is using dirt cheap products and you’re wondering why your restrooms always stink, you already have your answer. No, most businesses can’t afford to use gorgeously scented luxury organic surface cleaners from the health food store. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to use cheap products that make your business smell like an elementary school cafeteria. Use quality commercial products, such as those offered by Mailender, to achieve great results without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, keeping your business clean is about doing little things every day. If you follow these tips, your business will quickly become a much nicer place to work.