The Galaxy Trend Duos is yet another phone from the Samsung stable that is sturdy, trendy and brings the world of Android OS to your fingertips. The phone’s design aims to make most of the popularity of Dual SIM phones and large touchscreens. The most attractive feature is the Galaxy Trend Duos’ price tag that is currently trending at 8k and lower. Through this review, we shall have a look at the phone in greater detail.

The Looks

Weighing just less than 130 grams, the Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos has all the features of a modern smartphone, a large touch screen, a slim body, three simple buttons at bottom, a camera at the rear and the sleek Android OS to show off. The Galaxy tag pushes the phone in the league of Samsung’s other popular products with the same brand name and adds a premium feel to the phone.

The Hardware

The Galaxy Trend Duos is powered by a 1GHz Broadcom processor and a 512MB RAM. It houses a 4 GB internal memory and its overall storage which can be further expanded all the way up to 32 GB with the help of a micro SD card. You also gets the latest connectivity options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with the Galaxy Trend and can use your phone to browse internet using either GPRS, EDGE or 3G data transfer packages.

The Camera

The Galaxy Trend Duos sports a 3 MP camera on its rear that is capable of a digital zoom but lacks flash support, which is a bit surprising considering the modern appeal of this phone.  What is also missing is a front camera for video chats, a norm for phones that support 3G and are Wi-Fi enabled.

The OS

Galaxy Trend Duos is shipped with the Jelly Bean OS, v.4.1 bringing the latest of Android’s features to this phone and putting it at par with the other new smartphones powered by the similar OS. The updates OS makes the phone compatible with all the modern apps and games you will find on the Google Play store, keeping you in trend with the current technology and latest apps in the Android ecosystem.

Language Support

Samsung has put in a fair effort in making the Galaxy Trend highly personable. By providing, support for nine Indian languages, the company has taken the user experience to an altogether new level. Not only can you use the phone, browse the internet in your local language, you can even use some of the exciting apps in the language dear to you. Even when texting, a simple swipe can bring a local language keyboard on the screen and you need not rely on phonetic English to communicate any longer.

Dual SIM

With the dual SIM functionality, you can now keep your personal and work life separate without having to carry around two phones. The Galaxy Trend Duos lets you enjoy the best of offers from local service providers for text and calls or data usage. Even if your work involves travelling between two states, you can save on roaming bills by subscribing to a provider of each region.   What is even better is that whether you are on-call with someone or simply browsing the internet over one SIM, the other SIM is always active and you will not miss any calls.

The Performance

While some may some qualms about the low resolution of the camera or the lack of a front one on this phone, the Galaxy Trend Duos is all you can ask for from a budget smartphone. Specifications wise, even the processor and RAM on this phone are on the lower side for this phone but are good enough to get your work done and power a new version of OS.

You will find many reviews, where people complain about the lack of high-end specs on this phone. To speak the truth, we all desire for a 4GB RAM and Eight core processors for our smartphones, so that the phone is powerful and never needs a replacement. But unfortunately, money and technology constraints do not grant us such favours. The Galaxy Trend is a marriage between a limited budget and high-end smartphone-like features that is endorsed by the Samsung branding on its rear. Overall the Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos is a decent phone for its price.