You must have heard about the Samsung Smartphone running on the Tizen operating system that came up just some few days ago. Samsung recently integrated its Bada Operating system into Tizen project and it is very clear from the images that surfaced online of the Smartphone with the Tizen 2.1.

It was also confirmed by the UAProf earlier that there are Samsung devices running on the open source project of Tizen and images actually surfaced online.

The images clearly showed the Samsung 18800 as it is known with various other features of the Galaxy Smartphones as well as the inclusion of some of the features of the Android to the device operations.

Samsung 18800 running Tizen has unique design and features

  • This Samsung Smartphone that is running the Tizen operating system has a model name of GT-18800 and it has been codenamed the Redwood. The device also packs very familiar design just like the Samsung’s own Galaxy Smartphones.
  • There are also some of the Android Operating system features that are incorporated in this Tizen operating system.
  • Such features include the Wi-Fi direct, the S-voice and the S-Beam that makes the operating system to be very useful to the consumers.
  • This Samsung device running the Tizen 2.1 operating system is officially called the Samsung 18800 Redwood.
  • The Samsung 18800 Redwood Smartphone is well equipped with a 720p display making it wonderful for use even though there is no much information about the other features of the device.

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Is this Samsung 18800 Redwood meant for developers or for commercial use?

It is not clear yet whether this Samsung 18800 Redwood is a commercial device that will be made available to the consumers or the device will only remain in the developers’ platform for their use in developing other features.

According to the sources, this Samsung 18800 Redwood will actually be given to the developers who are participated in the Tizen developer conference. The developers are generally required to use the Samsung 18800 Redwood for their cross platform customization of the device.

This is what begs for the question as to whether the device will remain for the developers or for the consumers who may be eagerly waiting to have a taste of it in use.