Samsung cameras are currently a big hit in the electronics world, being designed with compact structure, they are really becoming popular in the masses. Many experts have reviewed this brand with affirmative reports as conclusion, and thus these cameras have gained a respectable position in minds of many. Albeit the strong competition in the market from other leading camera brands, Samsung has shown competent strength to give equal fight. When it comes to capturing high definition pictures or be it a complete package of almost every interesting features, this brand tagged cameras are a perfect illustration. Koreans have put in their full efforts to deliver smart products which suits the need of every individual.

This particular Korean brand makes such optimized cameras, actually suitable for the normal usage, as well as such advanced ones catering the need of professionals to some extent. The digital arena has made evolved digital cameras, as of Samsung range in the same category is concerned, point and shoot are most up-roared ones. Samsung NX2000 is a newest addition to the family of NX series by Samsung. This compact structured piece adorns amazing 20.3 million pixels APS-C sized sensor, attached to DRIMe IV engine for image processing, designed to low down noise levels, enhanced color reproduction and the upscaled speed. The blend of such specifications is obtained out of single compact engine fitted into this particular camera.

Samsung NX2000 Features have turned the talk of the gadget world, being very advanced in nature and catering all kinds of needs. The detailed specifications include a feature providing you 8fps along with 1/4000th second top shutter speed, claimed by the company. The rear face of the camera has beautiful 3.7 inch WVGA touchscreen, utilized to operate various functions of the machine. There is a SMART mode provided, enabling the beginners to use it to the optimized range. Switching on this mode allows you to shoot 14 kinds of scene modes, as well as a panel of settings pops up to adjust according the shooting environment. The intelligence of this camera comes out when it captures five chain of pictures and allows the user to pick the best of those, only when “best face” option is kept on.

Another smart feature named as Action Freeze is basically used to capture motion pictures. The chain of NX series camera has gone upto the count of 12 now, comprising of zooms, portrait lenses and pancake and macro lenses. The i-function lenses allow adjusting functions like shutter speed and aperture. The spotlighted feature of this camera includes, Wi-Fi equipped piece, as in the other NX cameras, NX2000 comes coupled with NFC (near field communication) which makes it easy to connect with android run smartphones and tablets. There is even a direct link button allowing instantly uploading on any social networking website. With every purchase of NX2000, buyer would receive Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, just as to attract more buyers. The color pallet followed for NX2000 includes a pink, black and white. Samsung NX2000 Price is yet not been announced on the official base.