The typical costs of doing business, such as mailing documents and printing information could be reducing your company’s profitability. In addition to negotiating better deals with your suppliers, you can try these four strategies. Each of these ideas can help you to lower costs while still maintaining a productive, comfortable and enjoyable business environment.

Postage and Mailing Supplies

According to Fit Small Business, you could reduce postage expenses by 11 to 15 percent by purchasing postage online. Buying postage online allows you to choose the most efficient parcel or package size. You can also save money on mailing supplies by using priority mail flat rate boxes, which are supplied at no cost by the United States Postal Service. Consider recycling old, crumpled paper and inflated plastic mail cushions rather than buying new packing materials.

Natural Stone for Business Landscaping

Natural stone is a beautiful and affordable way to landscape around your building. The placement of natural stones can help to eliminate the growth of weeds, which will cut down on the amount of herbicides and fertilizers needed to maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn. Professionals, such as those at Earth Stone, realize that natural stone also helps with the drainage of rain water and can help to reduce runoff. You may be able to reduce or even eliminate watering when landscaping with natural stones.

Paper and Ink

Even with today’s digital age, most businesses continue to use a lot of paper, toner and ink to print documents. Whenever possible, print on two sides or recycle sheets of paper with printing on one side and use them again for unofficial documents. Update the printer and copier settings to a medium quality. This uses less ink or toner.

Break Room Supplies

The paper towels, toilet paper, coffee and creamer used in your employee break areas also add a considerable expense to your business budget. Consider implementing a coffee club in which participating members take turns bringing in cans of coffee and bottles of creamer. Look to warehouse clubs and bulk suppliers for basics such as toilet paper and paper towels. You could also install hand dryers and eliminate paper towels altogether.

These four strategies for saving money on your typical business expenses are easy to implement. By changing some of the habits and routines of your employees, you can cut down on the consumable supplies. Investing in long-term solutions such as hand dryers and natural stone landscaping will deliver an excellent return on investment, saving your business money for the long-term.