Technology has advanced such that in the case of the camera for instance which was big initially saw a reduction in size and compactness. Now technology has integrated cameras with smartphones as well. The rapid advancement of technology is aiding the people all over the globe and with it comes the high-speed digitization of all the things around. It has impacted the brands and domains. Featured are aspects regarding digitization currently like E-Education, E-Commerce, E-Publishing and lots more.

Based on the latest analysis, smartphones are owned by 2.16 billion people. Also, there is a rise of 12.6% regarding smartphone usage in 2014, the numbers of which are bound to increase rapidly. Smartphones are integrated with the latest and sophisticated cameras. Such cameras capture photos which provide good memories for its users apart from the other normal things. Further, with the help of apps and cameras, a variety of documents, notes and such can be scanned for future use.

Technology has paved way for users to use its aspects easily for their needs and is rapidly digitizing everything. In enterprises, it is a complicated task of monitoring all the undertakings done by its employees, where details about the brand are to be obtained for analysis and scanner apps fulfills that role.

Scanning has become an integral part of people involved in paperwork. Devices for scanning are large and lack the mobility to be carried around to various places for scanning. Scanning apps comes in to tackle the issue at this right moment. It is a relief for people who want to accomplish the scanning work and finish the job. Provided a smartphone is possessed, then the scanning aspect is made very easy.

Various apps have been designed by developers with no signs of that metric slowing down. Smartphones feature an astronomical number of apps for users to accomplish their tasks. Hence there are hundreds of scanning apps to use, but which apps are best suited and recommended by users are less in number

Below mentioned are some of the suggested scanning apps:

Microsoft Office Lens:

Microsoft Office Lens apps

For individuals who are engrossed with Microsoft Office, this is the best app. The functionality of the app is smooth flowing and it is easy to operate. The mobile camera has to be focused on the related document and the work is complete, where the image can be saved in different formats as preferred by the user.

Featured are a variety of options that the users can select from, regarding the type of scan to be done. The app customizes the surroundings and the picture to provide a high-quality picture which can be saved in different formats like a Document, Image or a OneNote

Cam Scanner

Cam Scanne apps

This app can scan almost anything. It features the attribute of obtaining content from the images scanned. Apart from scanning any document, the QR code of a product can be scanned as well, which provides a link to access information regarding that product.

It has subscriptions ranging from $ 4.99 a month to  $ 49.99 peer year. It is integrated with the Optical Character Recognition which allows users to skim through the scanned documents which can be faxed and distributed among 10 people.

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner apps

This app conveys faxes which vary from 15 to 20 cents for each page. The scanned documents can be integrated into Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive. Images which are already existing in the smartphone can be synced with the app.

Featured is the edge detection technology to augment the quality of the scanned images. A multi-level contrasting aspect is present to edit the images and display properly scanned images. However when compared to Cam Scanner, this app does not scan the QR code of any products and is useful only as a typical scanner app


Evernote apps

Several trademarks are incorporated into this app for its users to accomplish their office or personal undertakings. One of the remarkable traits of this app is the built scanner utilized for scanning. Many alternatives are available with respect to scanning like Business Card, Post it etc

In order to avail its services, the users have to register in the app. Supposing the scanned image is vague and has problems, an alert pops up to notify the user to alter the position. The contrivance of this app can be set up in the home screen of user’s smartphone.

Guidelines to be followed when using Scanner Apps:

  • The background must be checked and made clear when scanning anything.
  • Provided the app has the aspect of fine tuning itself depending on the brightness, it is best not to overwhelm the phone gallery with scanned documents.
  • The phone has to be positioned in a way such that it conforms to the landscape or portrait modes of the object respectively.
  • The camera must be positioned and focused at the apt angle to get the best image when scanning.

To conclude, people must get organized in their work related to the busy schedule in life. Also, they do not finish their work in the same place as they will be forced to go to other places to accomplish their tasks. By adopting the scanner apps, all the documents regarding work can be digitized and this promotes an Eco-friendly environment where the environment is protected. Thus work is done easily and in a smooth flow when scanning with the help of such apps.