Success is the dream of most who seek a prosperous, professional path. When you are a hard working individual, there is nothing wrong with harboring the belief that you deserve some meaningful level of success in your life and career. Even if there are obstacles and struggles along the way, your “can-do” attitude will be the fuel for pushing forward when the world pushes back. So, developing this form of mental stamina will be a critical factor to ensuring that you will achieve the success you always imagined yourself having. Here are some ways to develop a “can-do” attitude that will not let you down.

First Understand What Success Means

Dallin Larsen once said that a life of significance is a byproduct of making the “best” choices. As with any course in life, you must have a general sense of well-defined direction. Trying to strive for something, when you do not know what that something actually is, leads professionals nowhere fast. Once you know what success truly means to you, only then can you start to believe that you can do and achieve what you need to do in order to make success a living reality for yourself.

Whether this is a list of accomplishments or a mental image of your dream life coming true is not what matters. What actually matters is that you know precisely what you are going to expend your energy in life striving to obtain and that you have encapsulated that idea into some sort of coherent, meaningful way so you truly understand what you want in life to define success for you.

Obstacles Are Inevitable

If you think success comes without obstacles, then your professional life is going to be riddled with problems. It is best to take off the rose colored glasses and recognize that the road to success is inevitably going to be filled with pain, disappointment and struggling along the way. Learning to expect this early on is going to prepare you to face these obstacles with a far greater sense of maturity than individuals who expect to be handed things in life on a silver platter. While this latter form of entitlement is a nice waste of time, it rarely, if ever, brings the kind of success that is better forged in the struggles of life that build character and provide you with a reason to mature as a professional.

Think Outside the Box

Part of your “can-do” attitude must be derived from the ability to think far outside the box. When obstacles arise or problems seem overwhelming, successful people find alternative avenues to reach their intended goals: other than to default to a straight, yet obstructed, path from point-A to point-B. Sometimes the best way around bumps in the road is to use some clever, unconventional thinking.  Dare to try approaches that others will not even think is possible.

You will start to see that most individuals fail because they try to live too much by the limitations and expectations pounded into them by others. Learning to think outside the box means to pave your own path around obstacles by trying approaches that are not commonly used to move past an obstacle. Often this begins by asking yourself what would happen if you tried this or that approach. Just because an approach sounds strange or crazy, at first, that does not mean it will not work like a charm to help you be successful in your professional endeavors.

Failure Is Not an Option

No matter what you face in life, you must adopt as part of your “can-do” attitude that failure is not an option. Individuals who accept failure will only serve to talk themselves into failing when things start to get rough or complicated. If you do not accept that failure is an option, then you will be more motivated to tirelessly seek for a plan of action that helps you get closer and closer to achieving your goals. This means that in your case success is not a matter of if you will be successful; but rather, it is more a matter of when you will become successful.


Life is filled with all sorts of challenges, and success and failure are just around the corner for you and everyone you know. If you plan to be among the successful, then you must foster the “can-do” attitude you need to reach this all important goal. This means that you must always be willing to search for a way to achieve the thing you put forth your hand to accomplish. This is when you will know that you are not only a successful professional, but that it is you who is truly in control of your life and destiny.