There are lots of hosting providers on the web who provide various hosting packages. However, more often than not the important aspect of SECURITY is either overlooked or under-delivered by the provider. Some providers use outdated servers and carry out poor maintenance of your website while others do not provide the needed security against viruses and malware attacks. Some of the best practices to follow for your website management operations is to look for key security features in a prospective web hosting provider. Consider Host.co.in…

What Host.co.in offers

SSL Certificate

Websites are ranked higher on search engines like Google because of their recent algorithm update and hence, you cannot afford to not have an SSL certificate. We provide strong 2048 bit robust encryption for all our plans which ensures compatibility with all web browsers which keeps your data safe. Our offering is not restricted to SSL certificates but we also provide Wildcard SSLs. They allow you to use the same certificate on multiple sub domains which proves to be cost effective and also secures your entire website and not just a webpage. We provide unlimited free reissues of SSL certificates and our customer-friendly technical experts are available even for the smallest issues 24x7x365 days a year to help you with the installation process.

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Choose the best plan which suits your website with SSL Certificates starting at just Rs. 1299/ Year

Backup Solutions

Websites are an important tool for a business and creating a backup for the website data can make a difference between a complete disaster and a minor inconvenience. Our backup solutions are perfect for backing up an entire server or even a shared hosting account. With our R1soft’s proven technology you can cut down the time consumed while backing up your website. By using the R1soft Backup Manager you can reduce the backup process time from hours to minutes. You can also reduce the impact of backups significantly by enhancing recovery point objectives by replicating your data to disk-based archive storage to every 15 minutes. You can also take multiple backup replicas of your server by using multi-point replication both on site and off site. Our Data Integrity feature checks and provides alerts that your data is safe and accessible whenever you need it.

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Get 100 GB storage at just Rs 500/month with options in customizable packages

Spam Experts

Spam Experts is a powerful protection for your email consisting of intelligent clusters that securely scan the incoming mails before they reach your inbox and eliminates spams. It is available as an add-on for all hosting plans by Host.co.in. It scans millions of mails per day and delivers upto 99.98% spam detection accuracy. Spam Experts proactively detects and implements solutions for real-time threats which are instantly shared with our central cluster where incoming emails are scanned. In case your mail server is not reachable all your scanned emails will be stored and queued during downtime and once your server is reachable all your mails will be resent to your server automatically. You can also get clear and concise reports about every user attempting to spam by easily managing abuse by looking into such accounts. All our services are completely managed by our expert team who will assist you in configuring the service without any extra charges.

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Cost efficient & powerful protection for your email starting only at Rs 180/month


Your website is your brand and represents your business moral. An unprotected website is a risk to your customers as well as your business. Lack of awareness about attacks and security measures can prove to be disastrous. Your website is an important asset to your business which is why it should always be kept safe and secure.