Installing a basic alarm for a door ajar at home was the only choice for concerned homeowners years ago, but today’s technological advances allow you to control almost all aspects of your property. From motion sensors to apps designed for instant locking, your home can be a fortress against intruders.

There’s an App for That

Add security devices that have WiFi connectivity and connect them to your smartphone. Through downloaded apps, you have control of the entire home from a tap on the screen. Turn on the HVAC system from the office to warm the home before you arrive, for example.

Cameras Work Wonders

Although security cameras seem like old technology, they have better audio and video than ever. Watch the cameras on your laptop, tablet or smartphone to know exactly what’s going on at home while you are away. When you’re on vacation, this home view is priceless and can give you peace of mind while you travel.

Motion Sensor Placement

Add motion sensors to a home security system and access the information instantly through a smartphone. You’ll receive an immediate alert when a sensor is triggered. View the area with your connected cameras to verify the issue from nearly any location. Although it could just be the dog, discovering an intruder helps you thwart their thievery with digital proof.

Lighting Automation

When you hear a sound downstairs in the dead of night, finding the light switch is a dangerous proposition. Use your smartphone to turn on the lights while lying in bed. Home light automation gives you connectivity from the bedroom or even from the office. Turn lights on and off as necessary to save energy and stay safe.

Smoke Alarm Connectivity

Fire is a basic enemy of the home, making smoke alarms necessary for any property. You may not be home when they activate, however, making them useless when you are away. Connect smart smoke alarms to an app or alert on your smartphone. The moment a fire strikes, you can be on the line with fire personnel to fight it.

Window Sensor Comfort

Connect embedded window sensors to your tablet or smartphone to know when the perimeter has been compromised. They should also be connected to the alarm company to notify police as soon as an intruder is found.

When you price a security system, consider all the individual components necessary to make you feel safe. You need a strong system that isn’t confusing for the youngest and oldest residents in the home. The right system becomes part of your daily habits to keep all unwanted people out of the property. Find a custom home builder in Prince George or in your area to add the latest technology to your home during your renovation.