Are you bogged down between your future exam studies and the regular school lectures? You might have very little or no time left to join a class. However, most of the entrance exams like JEE, NEET, AIIMS etc. are quite tough, testing the overall knowledge and intelligence of the candidate. If you feel that coaching classes are essential to gain that competitive edge you need for the upcoming exams, then you can also consider opting for an online training/coaching. In today’s technologically advanced world there are many online classes available and a simple internet search will give you tons of results. But you’ll need some criteria to help choose one that works best for you and fulfils your requirements. So here are some key points for you to consider, which can help you select an online coaching institute best suited to your needs.


Compared to the traditional classroom method of coaching online training is a relatively new method of imparting training. The last thing you want is to be stuck with an online coaching class which is experimenting with the whole concept of online tutoring. It is safer to look for a well-known brand which has been around for some time. Try to find one which has few years of experience in online coaching, and a good reputation for using up to date techniques and methods. Make sure you visit the ‘About Us‘ section to learn about the Institute including – years of experience, type of faculty, any achievements, etc.

User reviews

The best way to know the performance of the coaching center is by going through past user reviews. Maybe the Institute you are checking has a new branch in that area. In that case, you can check the reviews of users from branches elsewhere. Many institutes in India like Aakash Institute have branches all over India for offline coaching and are also present online through live or recorded coaching. You can, for instance, look up Aakash Institute reviews to confirm quality of education. So if you are checking Aakash Institute reviews, then make sure they are authentic reviews of users. While watching or reading past reviews, look for reviews which will inform you whether you get flexibility in attending, doubt clarity, the best of the study material, test module and regular evaluations, faculties etc.

Check for trial offers

Online training is a new concept for many and is different from the traditional face-to-face coaching institutes. Look for a center which helps students transition into the mode of online coaching. It would be great if the institute offers trial periods or sample lectures which can help you determine if you want to join the Institute.


Good teachers play a significant role in making the preparations for the exam much easier. If the faculties are good, they will generate your interest in the subject, hence motivating you to study better. Typically disliking a subject and the teacher of that subject go hand in hand.  Ensure to look for an online coaching center which has an excellent faculty with relevant experience and qualifications. You could even check for some online videos to test the pattern of teaching used by them at the coaching institute.

Study Material

How to select the best online coaching institute? 1 There is no point joining an institute if the study material they provide is not relevant, no matter how good the faculty is at the Institute. The coaching classes need to provide updated study modules with test papers to solve as well. Look for one which will provide different levels of toughness which you can solve gradually. The study material should also be student-friendly and easy to read.


While the institute might look great, the final test is whether the past students have performed well or not? Look for an institute which has a good pass percentile of previous students, along with toppers as well. Hence looking at its success statistics will determine if it is that good or not.

Technical support

There is no point joining an online course which has a lot of technical problems such as the training program taking too much time to load, etc. Also with online courses, no matter how good the classes, there is always a slight probability of the program crashing suddenly or you could face trouble accessing a study module. Maybe you are unable to post the homework or attend a group discussion, or you can’t post on the message boards. To avoid these delays while studying, it is better to look for a coaching class, which will offer regular and immediate technical assistance in case of any technical problems. Also if you have a very busy schedule then look for centers which offer higher flexibility such as being able to access a course at any time of the day, such as prerecorded lectures. Also many also offer the flexibility of choosing coaching for only those subjects you find difficult rather than all the subjects. Finally suiting your requirements, you can select an online coaching institute.