If you have been wondering whether SEO free software works, it does. Do not get confused when you hear the word ‘free’. Not every free thing in the world is useless. In fact, the best things in life are free.

If you have a strained budget and you really need software to make your rankings better, do not hesitate to take advantage of companies with free offers. However, to be sure that you are grabbing the best, you should consider the following things seriously.

The Features

If the software offered does not meet your expectation in terms of the features it has, do not grab it. You should only work with one that has features and functionalities that go in tandem with your website’s needs. Do not be swayed with the free offer to get software that will not be of any help.

Terms and Conditions

Make sure that you carefully check if the terms and conditions of the free software are ones you can work with. There are those that demand you to upgrade at a later date, others demand that you share contact information with them and so on. The devil is always in the details. Make sure you understand this part well.

How it Works

If you go for software that you do not understand, it will be very hard for you to trust it to get your website’s rankings at the top. On the other hand, if you go for one that is easy to understand, you will have faith in it. Only choose software you are comfortable with how it works. Since search engine optimization is a process, make sure only to go for one that you feel will make your rankings better.

Timeframe it is Free

This is another very important part. The timeframe the software is on offer determines a lot for your website’s rankings. If you need software for a long duration of time and you only get those that are offering short durations, you might not see sense in grabbing them. Make sure that the timeframe offered free goes in sync with the time you need the software to see some changes in your rankings.


You do not need software just because it is free; you need it because it can work for you. Before you commit yourself to any, make sure that first of all you do a thorough research on the company offering it to make sure it works. Read reviews from those who have used it and determine if it is really worth your time.

Getting good SEO is not rocket science. However, it requires one to be careful with the tools chosen to help achieve it. If you feel the need to get advice on the above subject and more, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will and have always been waiting to help you become a batter webmaster.