Google can make your blog or website disappear from its search results. For instance, you are getting the traffic to some of your blog posts now but this traffic can be reduced if you not publish new posts on your blog. In this way, if you don’t publish the new blog posts, the traffic on your site will get reduced slowly and gradually without giving you any alarm or warning.

Besides this, the blog post that you will publish on your blog should be effective and perfect. Bloggers or Web owners make some of the mistakes while writing and publishing the post. In this article, it is discussed about these mistakes which can ruin your website.

Buying Backlinks in Large Quantity: It is true that having large number of backlinks will help you to increase the ranking of your website and helps you to improve your SEO. But these large numbers of links can also affect your website’s ranking badly and your site will be considered as blacklisted site by search engines. Here is how, there is no issue if you build the links naturally by posting your website link to other website one by one. Search engines check each and every backlink carefully; if you have good backlinks then it is good. If you have purchased the links that are irrelevant, then your website will get penalized by search engines and will be banned permanently from search engine list.

Keyword Stuffing: search engines want that the keywords used in the article should match with the custom fields and tags. It is true that more amounts of keywords in the article provides you the good ranking on search engines but it applies only if you have a lengthy article or enough content. In a nutshell, it is important to maintain the balance or quantity of the keywords in the article.

Irrelevant Content, Titles and Tags: We have already discussed it in the above point that tile, tags and keywords of the content should match with each other. But most of the people use different keywords and it confuses search engines as well as visitors. Search engines only select the articles when these keywords match.

Hiring a Bad SEO Company: SEO is not a big task but it is better to hire a SEO company. At the same time, it is important to hire such a SEO company which is professional. If you hire a SEO company which is not professional then that company can make the mistakes in your SEO campaign and hence affects the website badly. A professional SEO company can bring you the positive results and also provide you the weekly and monthly reports for the progress of their work and performance of your website on the web.

Paid Submissions to Web Directories: People use this technique for building backlinks. It is good to have backlinks on web directories but one should submit it only on the good directories. If you are doing Paid submissions, then do check the web directory first, this should be of good quality. If you not select the quality and relevant website, then the worse can happen to your website as discussed above.

SEO is not a big task or deal. You can do SEO for your website by your own and must avoid the above mentioned mistakes. SEO is not a one time process, it is a continuous process and needs patience to know the results.