Being a successful businessperson means nothing when you join the online community. How well your business will look and function online depends on many factors. Search engine optimization is probably the most important aspect on which the online presence of every business depends. The year that is already knocking on your door is bringing further development in the way businesses prepare their websites for search engines. So, what should you pay attention to in 2016?

Google comes after junk sites

Starting from April 2015, Google has been using an algorithm update called Google Penguin. In 2016, it is expected that this update will get its sequels. So, it is clear the Google webmasters have decided to go after junk sites and penalize them heavily for boosting their search engine rankings in an artificial way. By cleaning the online paths, Google is aiming at keeping the content published throughout the Internet as relevant and professional as possible.

Efficient app search

Due to the fast development of the smartphone industry, the whole concept of SEO is changing. Since hundreds of millions of people use smartphones nowadays, the whole SEO philosophy had to undergo certain tweaks, to keep pace with the smartphone market. Modern web developers do not only deal with SEO, but they also have to learn more about application store optimization. Whether or not an app will get to be seen by users depends on the way it is placed in an app store. Also, consumers of smartphone apps already utilize search services like Google Voice and Siri to get to the app they are looking for. In such new conditions, traditional SEO is often skipped or used in an adapted way.

Visual content juxtaposed with textual bits

Although it is a fact that visual content rules the web, new expectations show that 2016 will see a major blend of the visual and the textual. Probably the main reason for such a prediction is the advent of infographics in 2015. This way of presenting statistical data and different research results spread in 2015 and Internet users expect that such a way of data organization will be dominant in 2016, too. In addition, interactive content is something that website owners should bear in their minds if they want to keep their traffic high. A mixture of images and texts are more interested for Internet users than sheer images or dull texts.

Consistent responsiveness

If you want your website to be equally accessible from all the platforms, you have to either make special versions for mobiles and tablets or apply responsive design. Both options have some benefits and some drawbacks, but today more and more sites go for responsive options. However, even when you apply responsive design, be aware that some parts of the desktop-friendly website might not be seen when accessed from a mobile device. So, if you want to see how well your website is doing on the web, use this SEO site checker and make the best use of your website.

The field of SEO is a dynamic and complex area. With millions of websites on the web, new Google SEO policies and the development of smartphones, it is necessary to create and publish first-class content that will make the difference between lousy and valuable websites. Those who follow this advice will keep their traffic rates high in 2016.