Root Canal Procedure – This term is enough to scare people who have infected tooth. Pain is what is most fearful of them. The root canal treatment is the consequence of ignoring your dental health and the issues when they were in the beginning stages.

Mild pain after getting the treatment is quite normal as this is a major procedure and require precision and skill. In this the Endodontist who specializes in Root Canal Treatment drills in the canal of your root to remove the infection which has now spread to the roots of the tooth.

Having pain after the treatment is quite normal but it should not last long. In fact, the main aim of getting Root Canal Treatment is to make the patient relief from the pain they are suffering with since quite long. If your pain stays there for a week after the treatment, then you should go visit your dentist immediately.

If we talk about 3 decades ago, then we can say that the process was extremely painful. Now with development in dentistry and adoption of new techniques our dentist are able to make this treatment pain-free. The tools and the equipment are such that they make the process smooth.

As soon as the dentist is about, to begin with, the process, he/she will give numb the area with anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain. However, he/she might feel the pressure during the process.

This happens largely because the anesthesia effect is worn off and the cleaning stage has begun. During this stage, the dentist will make a small incision on the crown to remove the infected pulp. Your dentist might also advise some over-the-counter medication to get relief from the pain. Never under any circumstances go for getting the medication advice from a pharmacist, they will not know the exact situation and you will end up having the wrong medicine.

Also, you should follow the Oral Health regime as given by your dentist which normally include, brushing gently twice a day, using floss and not chewing hard food.

If the infection is severe, then this process may require more than just one sitting. You need to go for deep cleaning which requires two or more session. In case you still experience pain and swelling in the tooth, then go visit your dentist immediately. It can be possible that the reason is something else and require instant attention.

The root canal treatment is completed after placing the crown on the top. Though in a few cases it is not required. But having the crown placed will eventually help in protecting the tooth from further major damage. The crown is available in various materials and depending upon your choice and case your dentist will fix one. Pain can sometimes be due to a newly placed dental crown.

You can opt for various pain management activities after consulting with your dentist. Besides over-the-counter medicine, he/she might go for treatment such as deep cleaning and any further treatment which will be decided only after you visit your dentist for examination.

During this time adopt all the healthy practices and if you have any habit which can harm your teeth and health in general, then it is advised to quit such a habit. For instance, quit smoking. Apart from these activities such as yoga, meditation can help in taking your focus off the pain you are experiencing.

The best way, however, is to visit a dentist. Work closely with your Endodontist and take their guidance in each step. During the treatment, you will be in close touch with them and they will examine your teeth and oral health. In case, any complication your dentist will get to know first.

In case, your tooth is badly damaged due to infection then, there are chances that it will be extracted. But all this will be as per examination by the dentist. Even if your tooth is extracted, you have a lot of options such as dental bridge, denture or implants which can be proved as a long-term solution for missing teeth. The problem with this is that they charge more money and will take longer time.

If you are concerned about root canal charges, then visiting your nearest dental clinic will clear all the confusion.