It’s not new to us that Gender Inequality is still prevalent in thousands of workplaces today. People always say that men are more powerful than women especially when it comes to working.

Throughout several studies, there are still big companies today that prioritize men when it comes to employment. Also, there are some instances where management doesn’t consider or promote a woman towards a higher position at work just for the reason that they are women.

Even until now, the general point of view saying that men are superior to women at work is prevalent. In spite of all the successful women today, a vast majority of people still can’t accept the fact that women are equal or in most cases, superior when it comes to working. Let’s find out why.

Why do Women hold themselves back?

Even if there are successful women like Oprah Winfrey, Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg and a lot more, there are still a lot of people who don’t have a positive outlook towards women and work. With regards to this, reasons such as Fear of Failure, Family First, Inadequacy, and Lack of Confidence are determined.

Fear of Failure

Many of us are afraid of failing; it allows us to restrain from doing things that could lift us up to higher success in life. It can be traumatizing for a woman to experience failure because they are so sensitive when it comes to reputation and success.

Women are so conscious about their character especially when it comes to working. For this reason, women tend to settle for what they have and miss great opportunities just to avoid failure.

Family First

Some women do not pursue their career because their family matters most. The idea of having a great job in exchange for their time with their family holds a woman back to excel at work. A lot of women also stick to a “dying” tradition that women should stay at home and take care of chores and children.


Above all the achievements of women today, there are still women who believe that a man is more powerful than them. Therefore, they resign to the wrong notion that men will always be superior. They feel that they lack the skills, the physique, the capabilities, and much more.

Lack of Confidence

Some women underestimate themselves and hide their potentials and skills just for the reason that they don’t have confidence. Some women are such a pessimist that they don’t even try to advance because they are not confident enough that they can do it.

What to do?

Despite all the reasons stated above, a woman should not settle to be inferior to men. Hence, they should show what they’ve got and believed that they can achieve higher opportunities at work. Here are some tips that might help women to transcend at work:

Accept Failure

When you’ve made mistakes at work, deal with it; accept it no matter how terrible it was. A woman should not restrict herself from advancing just because of the errors she has committed.

Time Management

Most women are afraid to accept great work opportunities because they think they’ll have no time for your family anymore. Indeed, there’s a great chance that your work can interfere with your family commitments, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Having a great job and a well-oriented family is possible. You just need to balance your time in a smart and calculated fashion. Don’t spend time wasting it away partying when you can instead spend it on your family. The key here is balance.  Nevertheless, you can manage your time at work so that it doesn’t have to interfere with your family obligations.

Be Yourself

When working, don’t try to hide who you are. Being true to yourself at work helps a lot especially in times that you’re at your worse. Do not try to act tough when you badly need a hand. Being pretentious may lead to failure which can lower your self-esteem.

Try To Have a Mentor

When you think that you really can’t do it, and you still believe that man is more powerful than you, you should try to have a mentor. Mentoring is a great help to achieve success, in this way, you can manage all your hesitations, and you can learn how to deal with it.

Trust Yourself and be Confident

Despite all your intuitions, you need to give yourself a chance. Try to trust yourself and be self-assured that you can do it. Be positive in everything and do well at work.

Also, do not underestimate your potentials; always think that you have it. Bask in every shining moment that you’ll have and be confident. Having good grooming habits also boosts your confidence.


We all experience failure in life, it drags us down, but on the contrary, it gives us great learning experiences that can lead to more significant opportunities. Every woman should not be afraid to grow and advance in work regardless of what holds them back.

There are a lot of things that a woman can do to achieve whatever goals she may have. A woman should show that she’s not only just a pretty face, but she can be more than just capable than any other man. Sites like Seed Heritage can be a great help for searching comfortable outfits for working girls as per part of grooming tool.