When it comes to packaging, shipping and transporting the products that your business sells, it is important that you maximize the efficiency of these processes. Efficient shipping not only saves you time and money, but it helps to ensure that your customers get their orders in a timely manner. These four tips can help to boost the efficiency of how you package, ship and deliver your products.

Address Databases

When a customer makes an order, getting their product shipped to them depends on having an accurate address. One way to make your shipping process more efficient is to use a database or spreadsheet to track address information. You can choose a free or paid app that verifies addresses and ensures the accuracy of the information provided by customers. These spreadsheets may also allow you to directly print shipping labels for even more efficiency.


For local deliveries, tarps will help to protect your products as they are en route to your customers. Tarps are available in a wide variety of sizes and are designed with durable grommets for fastening. Some companies, like Glider Systems Inc., know that when ice, rain, sleet or snow are expected, tarps help keep items dry. Tarps also help to keep dirt, dust and bugs off of items during shipment.

Automatic Postage

When the items that you send need to be shipped by the United States Postal Service or another shipping service, the accuracy of your postage is important. Not putting enough postage on items may cause them to be delayed in delivery. Too much postage is a waste of your money. With an automatic postage system, you can print out postage and ensure that the correct amount is paid on each item.

Protective Mailers

Items being shipped through the U.S. mail or another shipping service should be packed in protective mailers. You can obtain mailers in bulk in a variety of sizes. These mailers often include self-adhesive strips that make it easier and faster to close the parcels. Protective mailers can also include layers of padding or cushioning for fragile items. You can even have custom mailers designed for your business with your company name and mailing address printed onto them.

A high-performing business must streamline every process in order to maximize production and efficiency. Even at the last stage of the sale, these processes can help you to meet profit goals and ensure that your customers come back. These shipping techniques will help your business to thrive in a highly competitive environment.